EXCLUSIVE: Anna Robards on motherhood and how her family dynamic has changed since welcoming baby number two

‘I love being a girl mum’.
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Anna Robards (nee Heinrich) first became a well-known name in the media space after appearing on season one of The Bachelor Australia, where she found love with current-husband Tim Robards.

Since the show aired in 2015, Anna has gone on to experience a variety of achievements in both her career and personal life – including recently welcoming her second child.

Anna Heinrich with daughter Ruby.
Anna with newborn Ruby. (Image: Supplied)

Ruby Robards was born in early March 2024, and she has made the perfect addition to their family.

Speaking exclusively with Now To Love, Anna gushed about her newborn and how her eldest daughter Elle reacted to her sister’s arrival.

Elle was so excited to meet her new baby sister, and Anna documented the heartfelt moment where her firstborn met Ruby, posting an adorable video of Elle reacting to her arrival.

“We put her meeting Ruby up on Instagram and it got almost like nine million views and almost 12 million on TikTok, it was that first meeting where she almost lost her breath when she met Ruby for the first time. It was just so, so adorable and so cute and she was  very excited,” Anna said of the moment Elle met Ruby for the first time.

Anna also spoke to us about how Elle is handling the change, saying she has fully embraced her role as a big sister.

“She’s always taking on that motherly [role], being a motherly figure in a way, like helping out with things, trying to help change her nappy. But she’s grown up in the last nine weeks since having Ruby and it’s really nice to see because I was a little bit worried that she would get a bit jealous.”

Anna Heinrich with daughters Ruby and Elle.
Anna with her two beautiful daughters. (Image: Instagram)

Anna is not only a mother but also a businesswoman. The 37-year-old co-founded wellness and beauty supplement brand INTU Wellness, and spoke to Now To Love about how she’s juggling both her personal and professional life. 

“It’s challenging at times, like it’s certainly not easy. But I feel like I’ve got it under control, like it’s my business so I’ve always got to be there, which is why I returned to work so early, but at the same time I’ve always really prided myself on balance. So I’ve made sure that with all these work commitments, I make sure I have a really sort of good balance.”

Having a newborn hasn’t stopped Anna from continuing to work on her brand, and she hinted that there may be some new INTU Wellness products and launches on the horizon.

“We’ve got products that we can release, but we actually want to focus on the core range at the moment. Then we’ll gradually release others later down the track.”

Anna Heinrich Robards with daughter Ruby.
‘I love being a girl mum’. (Image: Supplied)

In terms of tips and advice for new parents and parents-to-be, Anna said it’s all about balance and finding products that make life easier.

“Something I did learn as a parent was what sort of good quality products to use, and for me, nappies are actually really exciting because you’re changing your child’s nappy probably over 10 times a day.

“It’s really important to invest in really good products, whatever that may be, to protect their skin, because baby’s skin is actually 30% thinner than adult skin, so you’ve really got to really protect them and Huggies were definitely hands down the best,” Anna shared. “They’ve got this new zinc-enriched layer, which protects your baby skin against irritation, they’re the only nappies on the market that have that, so it’s those things that you’ve got to find that’s going to make your life easier.”

Overall, the new mum-of-two seems to be settling into her new routine, and is loving being the mother to two beautiful girls.

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