Home and Away: Tori is rushed to hospital

Something is wrong with Tori
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The doctor becomes the patient in Home And Away this week when poor Tori starts to feel decidedly unwell.

Outside the Diner, Tori (Penny McNamee) and Robbo (Jake Ryan) are discussing their IVF plans when she’s suddenly overcome by a dizzy spell. Unsteady on her feet, the local doc grabs Robbo’s arm for support.

Robbo questions if she’s OK, but Tori steadies herself and carries on.

Fans shouldn’t be surprised that Tori is feeling under the weather. Since discovering her fertility issues, the Morgan sibling has been under intense pressure to fall pregnant via IVF.

She also has to contend with Robbo’s flourishing relationship with Jasmine (Sam Frost). She’s determined not to let their pregnancy plans get in the way of her friend’s love life.

“Tori has had a tumultuous few weeks!” Penny, 35, tells TV WEEK.

“But she encouraged Robbo to pursue his relationship with Jasmine. She has to remain hopeful it won’t affect their plans to have a baby together.”

Robbo is concerned when Tori has a dizzy spell.

Of course, Tori isn’t the only one concerned about the situation. Jasmine has had to listen to her boyfriend going on about babies and watched him dash away to attend doctor’s appointments. She’s never felt more out of the loop and can’t seem to adjust to her new circumstance.

Robbo, meanwhile, is juggling things to try to keep both women happy.

As he comforts Tori on the pier, he questions whether they’ve made the right decision to have a child. Clearly, the stress is getting to them. Will he call it off?

“This has been a new area to explore for Robbo,” Jake, 35, says of his tough-guy character. “It’s been a welcome challenge to find a softer, more human side to him.”

Will Jasmine and Robbo make it through the difficult situation?

Later that night, a confused Robbo is pondering what to do about the baby situation when he receives a call from the hospital. Tori is unwell and has been rushed to the emergency department.

Robbo races to the hospital to see his friend. Will Tori be OK?

Home and Away airs Monday to Thursday, 7:30pm, on Channel Seven.

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