Alex slammed by Elijah’s stepmum?

alex nation slammed elijah's stepmum

Alex Nation was quick to highlight to Richie Strahan on The Bachelor that she was a single mum, and that her five-year-old son Elijah was part of the package should he pick her – which he ultimately did.

But while Alex, 25, and Richie, 32, were busy wooing each other, Elijah was spending a lot of time with his father, Joel Porter, and Joel’s girlfriend, Ashy Smith.

While Alex is adamant that her relationship with Joel is friendly, Ashy has since posted some cryptic messages on Instagram which fans have been quickly jumping to assume are directed at Alex.

Days before the finale aired, Ashy posted a meme saying, ‘Too bad you are only a good mother on Facebook and the rest of the time you neglect your child,’ with the caption, ‘Think this speaks volumes!!’

She later posted another image with the quote, ‘Remember you are not managing an inconvenience. You are raising a human being,’ with the caption, ‘You cannot pick up and drop when it suits #inconvenience #lifeasaparent #parent #remember.’

Ashy appears to play a large role in Elijah’s life, as posts of her and Alex’s son are rife on social media.

Alex and Richie have admitted that ‘at the moment we’re just enjoying each other and the start of this,’ and that despite filming wrapping over three months ago, Richie is still yet to meet Elijah.

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