Travel Guides: Kevin and Janetta struggle to appreciate Miami graffiti art

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Florida is famous for a lot of things – among them, alligators. But that’s not the most challenging thing that Kevin and Janetta face in this week’s episode of Travel Guides. That would be Miami’s Museum Of Graffiti.

“Graffiti is just another word for vandalism,” Kevin tells TV WEEK. “I don’t know whether you’ve been to Melbourne lately, but Melbourne is just covered in graffiti, and we detest it. And it was very difficult because this ‘museum’ in Miami was glorifying the crime, and it just didn’t sit well with us.”

Kevin, 66, and Janetta, 72, take a tour of the museum and even try spraypainting a wall themselves.

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“Fortunately we’re very bad graffiti vandals,” Kevin laughs.

As for the alligators, Kevin and Janetta come face to face with those in an old-school family-run animal park a few hours north of Miami called Jungle Adventures. Janetta says the baby alligators were “really beautiful”. Kevin didn’t mind them either.

“They were all taped up, so we had no issue,” he says. “I don’t like snakes but I had no problem with the little gators – or the big gators, for that matter.”

Later in the episode, Kevin and Janetta face another challenge: going on the world’s sixth-largest cruise ship, Allure Of The Seas. The couple have been on around 30 cruises together, but they’ve always avoided going on really large ships. 

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“We’ve always said, ‘The smaller the ship, the better – the fewer the passengers,’” Kevin explains. “We go on ships normally that have about 400, 500, 600 passengers. This one had 6000.”

The couple are convinced they’re not going to enjoy themselves on the cruise, but there are a few surprises in store for them.

“It wasn’t as bad as we thought it was going to be,” Janetta admits.

Kevin and Janetta have been with Travel Guides for nine seasons. Their background is in the travel industry, but they say the show is a “very different way” of travelling from what they’re used to because none of the decisions are made by them.  

“We don’t even know where we’re going till we get to the airport,” Janetta says. “We get a packing list and a temperature guide. So for people like us that are very organised and start each holiday with a spreadsheet…”

“It can be a bit disconcerting,” Kevin adds. “But it’s great, on the other hand, having somebody else look after everything.”

So how long do the couple plan to stay with Travel Guides?

“I think we’ll probably keep doing it…” Janetta says.

“Until we’re on the Zimmer frame!” Kevin laughs.

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