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Farmer Wants A Wife 2023: Are David and Emily still together?

This farmer has found his wife.
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The Farmer Wants A Wife journey has officially concluded for 2023, with each of the farmers finding their perfect match.

For David McMahon, 29, and Emily, 26, a trip to the farm turned out to be exactly what the couple needed to harvest the seeds of love.

They are engaged!

(Image: Instagram)

In early October, the happy couple took to Instagram to announce they were getting engaged!

“Incredibly proud to announce, this Farmer has found his Wife,” David captioned the announcement photo.

Meanwhile, Emily shared an adorable video of the pairs happy getaway, where we presume David dropped down on one knee.

“My person for life x Love you,” she wrote.

To reminisce on how this romance blossomed from FWAW to real life engagement, continue reading.

In an emotional final decision, David chose Emily.

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Sparks began to fly early in the season for Emily and David, with their first double date seeing Emily quickly becoming a favourite of the children at David’s childhood primary school.

“Straight away, Emily’s got that funny, natural, bubbly energy that the kids warm to,” said David, who also found himself growing quite fond of the special education aide teacher.

After weeks of getting to know each other, the finale episode saw David visit Emily’s family in her hometown of Brisbane.

Being the first partner Emily has introduced to her family, David was subject to a flurry of questions from across the table.

For Emily’s mum, the most important question was where “David actually is at this point in his life,” with the fourth-generation apple farmer showing no signs of potentially leaving the farm life behind.

Emily was also David’s pick for the blind date.

(Image: Seven Network)

Emily’s family continued to voice their concerns about her readiness to move away from home, with David also growing increasingly worried that she may have not been ready for full-time farm life.

David asked if she did have any doubts about leaving Brisbane for his Pozieres property, to which she replied, “There aren’t any doubts there but I know it’s a really big decision but one I can’t fully commit to yet. You’ve still got a decision to make.”

With the final decision looming, Emily took her last moments of alone time with David to share how she truly felt.

“I just think I am falling in love with you and it’s been amazing and I’m very vulnerable to say that and this is the last moment before the decision so I don’t want to regret anything,” she said.

With Emily putting her heart on the line, she confessed to the camera that even after her one-on-one time with David, she was still unsure what his true feelings for her were, due to the fact he didn’t openly reciprocate or share his feelings in the moment.

Congratulations to the new couple!

(Image: Seven Network)

Luckily for Emily, she didn’t need to worry for too long, with David seeing his final decision as the perfect opportunity to finally share his feelings.

“Emily you are the most genuine person I know… I know you haven’t had many serious relationships, but starting today this can be your first and hopefully your last.”

It appears that David’s plan is going well, with 7Life reporting that Emily has officially relocated from Brisbane to Pozieres.

Speaking about the move, Emily stated that she was initially hesitant about settling into life and her career in the country town, however, the change was one that she was ready to embrace.

“I’m just so used to my routine and I knew that was going to change but I was excited to get involved with the community here… I was really fortunate that things kind of moved quickly, so nothing’s been really that hard,” she told 7Life.

“In other news Bailey is settling in well and starting to get his head around invoicing,” wrote David, who shared the sweet photo of himself and Emily’s dog.

(Image: Instagram)

Since the move, Emily has been working at a local primary school and teaching dance classes. With their relationship now officially public, David and Emily stated to 7Life that they are looking forward to becoming more involved in the community as a couple.

The couple have also shared an update to Instagram, with David posting an adorable photo of himself and Emily’s dog, Bailey.

“Em and I are grateful for all the messages of support we have received along the way and can’t wait to see what’s around the corner,” he wrote.

Now six months on from the conclusion of their Farmer Wants A Wife journey, the duo are still going strong, with the couple recently making the 14 hour drive from their home in Pozieres to Perisher in southern NSW.

Following the celebration of their six month anniversary, David also shared a video alongside Emily encouraging the next crop of single farmers to apply for the show.

“It’s about twelve months ago since I signed up for Farmer Wants A Wife, and my life has completely changed for the better. I thoroughly recommend it to any farmers out there that are willing to take the leap,” said David.

The couple have swapped the farm for the snow.

(Image: Instagram)

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