The talented top 10 cooks on MasterChef Australia 2024 reveal all

Rising to the top.
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MasterChef Australia is shaping up to be a fierce and gruelling competition in 2024.

We’ve just reached the all-important top 10 milestone, and Woman’s Day sat down with the contestants to find out how they feel about reaching this monumental moment in the show.

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Josh P

43, Butcher, TAS

Josh admits, “I feel super pumped and excited to have made it to the Top 10. I definitely didn’t see myself making it to this stage of the competition as I’m just a country boy from Tassie who loves to cook for fun.”

Despite his success so far, the journey hasn’t been easy for Josh.

“I think the most challenging stage of the competition is the pressure tests and thinking of different dishes to cook at the drop of a hat,” he says.

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34, Landscape Gardener, VIC

For viewers, this stage is the most exciting part of the show. As for what’s next, Lachan says, “Better dishes, fierce competition and some extra exciting guests!”

Before the competition started, the gardener-turned-chef didn’t see himself making it this far.

“Making the top 10 was a goal of mine before the competition started,” he says. “It feels amazing to get here, especially from a home cook who loves to cook over fire.”

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27, Sales Representative, WA

While MasterChef is a competition, it’s also a place where lasting friendships are forged.

Alex shares, “You form such a close bond with everyone and everybody offers something different to the group. With each person leaving, a little piece of our family dynamic leaves with them.”

This camaraderie is evident as the competition progresses, and it’s common to see contestants cheering for their peers – even as they all vie for the top spot!

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28, Barista, VIC

Those who make it past the initial rounds are not just good cooks, each plate they present is a testament to their heritage, passions and dreams.

Nat agrees, saying, “Honestly, it’s a little dreamy, isn’t it? I keep having to pinch myself to make sure it’s real.

“In the grand scheme of things, it’s just a moment, but right now, it’s my moment I really need to process so I can remember this feeling as much as I can.”

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31, Lettering Artist, NSW

As the competition heats up, the Top 10 contestants are now in the spotlight, facing even tougher challenges and more critical evaluations.

Gillian says, “Reaching the Top 10, which was my only goal other than aiming for the big win, confirms that my hustle mentality and all the hard work I’ve put in was worth it.”

Their journey on MasterChef is far from over, but each step brings them closer to the ultimate prize…

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29, Commercial Property Specialist, QLD

Within a whirlwind of mystery box challenges, pressure tests, and team challenges, the kitchen becomes the place where culinary skills are honed under intense scrutiny from judges.

Harry tells Woman’s Day, “The pressure test set by Anna Polyviou pushed me to my limits, but the most challenging thing for me so far is being away from my wife before and after our wedding.”

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25, High School Teacher, NSW

Hundreds, if not thousands, of aspiring chefs try to land a coveted spot in the MasterChef kitchen, and Mimi admits she’s a tad intimidated competing at this level.

“I’ve been in the bottom twice now and I’ve told my mother I’m probably coming home more than once,” she says.

“Funny how skewed your brain voice can be… I’m working hard on building confidence to go for the home run!”

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30, Banking Consultant, SA

For many, cooking is a deeply personal endeavour tied to family traditions and cultural heritage, like Savindri, who has wowed the judges with her Sri Lankan flavours.

She tells Woman’s Day, “I always thought that I had the gumption to make it to the Top 10, but I’m also surrounded by so much talent and skill it really could have been anyone’s game – it really does just come down to who does the best on the day.”

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31, Management Consultant, WA

From the very first challenge, these contestants faced fierce competition.

Darrsh says, “The goals I set myself coming in were – don’t leave first, make the Top 10, and win it all. I feel like the Top 10 really elucidates the experience and makes you feel like you’ve made it.”

His recipe for success so far? “It was all about keeping a level head and taking it a day at a time – I knew if I did that, I’d be able to go deep.”

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46, Sales Manager, NSW

Whether it’s creating a gourmet dish from a limited selection of ingredients or perfectly replicating a complex recipe from a world-class chef, the pressure is immense, but it’s in this environment that the Top 10 contestants can really shine.

“I thrive in challenges, so while they have been tough, I have really enjoyed every minute of it,” says Sumeet.

“Top 10 is a significant milestone.”

MasterChef Australia airs Sunday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, on Channel 10 and 10 Play.

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