Home and Away spoilers: In the wake of Levi’s brutal stabbing, Mackenzie banishes Iluka from the Bay

‘You have to leave.'
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As the consequences of Iluka’s actions continue to reverberate around Summer Bay, an emotionally scarred Mackenzie is still at the hospital with her doctor boyfriend Levi.

More used to saving lives, just hours earlier, Levi (Tristan Gorey) was fighting for his own after being stabbed in the chest by one of the Allen gang.

Mac, Levi and Iluka in hospital.
(Credit: Seven)

“Seeing Levi get stabbed – and having to do medical work on him with his guidance and almost lose him – was traumatic for Mac,” Emily Weir, 33, who plays the character, tells TV WEEK.

While Levi has made an amazing recovery, Mac is looking for someone to blame – and that someone is Iluka (Dion Williams), Mali’s (Kyle Shilling) trouble-making younger brother.

He’s the reason the Allens have come to town, and Mac thinks Iluka is why Levi ended up being stabbed. It’s for this reason, no matter how culpable he is, that Iluka needs to get out of her house.

Illuka with Mac in hospital
(Credit: Seven)

“Mac is in protection mode for her, Levi and her household after the trauma,” Emily explains. “The dangers of the people Iluka mixes with nearly cost her the love of her life. Mac can’t quickly forget the gravity of the situation and doesn’t yet feel comfortable to forgive.”

Learning of his brother’s banishment, Mali, who also lives with Mac, pleads with her to reconsider. But when she stands firm, Mali gives her an ultimatum: if Iluka leaves, he will too.

Will Mac have second thoughts about tearing apart not only her home, but two brothers? Or will her demand force Iluka to leave the Bay forever?

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