Meet the actor behind Home and Away’s charming new doctor, Tristan Gorey

The doctor is in.
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There is a newbie on the set of Home and Away, already fans and Summer Bay characters have their sights set on the handsome Dr Levi Fowler, but what do we know about his actor Tristan Gorey?

It would be an incredibly intimidating experience to walk onto the set of Home and Away with all the tight-knit cast, however, it appears Tristan has blended into the family well.

Tristan plays Dr Levi on Home and Away.

(Image: Seven)

In a video shared to Instagram, Tristan showed some of the soap’s stars gathering to watch the Cardiothoracic Surgeon race onto screen to watch him save Summer Bay favourite, Mackenzie Booth.

“Not going to lie, it was a pretty special moment to have so many wonderful friends and family celebrating my airing episode on an iconic Australian show @homeandaway . Let’s see what Levi gets up to in Summer Bay,” he wrote.

Luckily for Tristan, he knew some of the cast members prior to going on the show.

“Both Juliet and Ally [Dana] were friends from Perth, and I’d known Jacqui [Felicity] a few years prior to coming onto the show. They’re wonderful people, and even better actors, so I’m thrilled to be working alongside them,” he told TV WEEK.

Despite this connection, Tristan didn’t get his “hopes up” that he would secure the role, telling TV WEEK he was flown to Sydney from Perth for a chemistry test with the other actors.

Some of Tristan’s co-stars gathered to watch his first scene on H&A.

(Image: Instagram)

“A few days later, I was told to pack my stuff and move across to the east coast, as I’d got the role. I was shocked, and as I told a family and friends, their excitement compounded my own,” he said.

“Palm Beach is one of the most incredible locations I’ve ever seen in our beautiful country. Not long after arriving on set, I saw whales migrating up the coast – and soon after that, dolphins playing in the surf. It’s an outstanding office to work in every day.”

Dr Levi reportedly isn’t disappearing from the screens for a while, Tristan informed 7Life: “It’s the start of a big storyline that will go on for a while and will certainly have fans gripped.”

This isn’t Tristan’s first role on the big screen, starred in Mystery Road: Origin alongside TV WEEK 2023 Gold Logie nominee Mark Coles Smith, an opportunity he described as a ‘thrill.’

“When you’re a kid, you can only ever hope of playing cowboys,” Tristan began on Instagram speaking of his role. “I got to do it for real.”

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“I had the pleasure of indulging in some training for Mystery Road: Origin under KC Woody’s vigilant and masterful eye. Very grateful to have learnt from one of the fastest shooters in Australia.”

Prior to this, Tristan narrated Disney+ documentary, Shipwreck Hunters Australia. A project close to the actor’s heart as he grew up in Perth, Western Australia.

“I feel so fortunate to have narrated my first documentary about the stunning coastline of my home state of Western Australia,” he shared on Instagram.

He studied the fine art of storytelling at Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, a prestigious university in his hometown, of which he graduated in 2017.

Tristan has also starred in Itch, The Heights, and Kid Snow; something tells us his acting career is really going to take off!

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