Going on Dream Home has changed Jordan and Jacinta’s lives – but they don’t want to come last

‘It’s very deflating.'
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Jacinta and Jordan had a very powerful motivation for going on Dream Home – they wanted to have a third child. They just didn’t want to do it while living in Jacinta’s grandparents’ granny flat or in their own run-down house. 

“The fact that we did get onto Dream Home allowed us to be able to do what we wanted,” Jacinta tells TV WEEK. “To do up the house and move in and be comfortable, to be able to have a third [child] and not question, ‘Can we fit in here?’, ‘Is it safe with all the asbestos?’”

The brow specialist and her accountant husband, both 31, are hoping to welcome a little brother or sister for Amelia and Olivia, “sometime soon”.

“We’re trying, hoping, aiming,” she adds. 

This week on Dream Home, viewers will see Lara and Peter, Hannah and Jonny and Taeler and Elle arrive at Jacinta and Jordan’s Sydney house, ready to renovate – and then have to leave as builders discover just how run down it is and how much asbestos it contains.

“We knew we had it, but not to that extent,” Jordan says.

Elsewhere in Sydney, Jacinta and Jordan are starting renovations on Lara and Peter’s house, along with Brad and Mel and Rhys and Liam. They’re at the bottom of the leaderboard, which Jordan describes as “very deflating”, and they’re determined to impress the judges this time around. Then Jacinta becomes so unwell, she has to leave the worksite.

“What timing for me to get sick, honestly,” she says. “For some reason, I just couldn’t stop vomiting.”

Jacinta does what she can from her sickbed – “I was shopping on my phone,” she remembers – but will it be enough for the couple to move up the leaderboard and still have a chance of making the top three?

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