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Behind the cameras, The Veronicas sisters have been coming to terms with their mother’s tragic illness

The singing duo share a tight bond with their mother.
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Behind closed doors, Lisa and Jessica Origliasso, AKA The Veronicas, have been battling with a devastating family circumstance for years.

Their mother Colleen was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia in 2018, a rare neurological condition similar to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Their mother’s debilitating condition, which is incredibly rare and often misdiagnosed, can also cause visual hallucinations, tremors, stiffness, as well as cause someone to flit between clear and confused states.

Upon finding out about their mother’s illness, the Veronicas shared an update to Instagram.

“It has been an incredibly heartbreaking and frustrating time trying to find a definitive diagnosis. We have had incredible support from friends and family,” they wrote in 2018.

“We wanted to share our beautiful mum’s story so that we can hopefully raise awareness for people and their families affected by this disease.”

“It has been an incredibly heartbreaking and frustrating time.” the sisters stated at the time of their Mum’s diagnosis.


In 2021, Jess also elaborated on the condition their mother was diagnosed with.

“Only 1300 Australian’s have ever been diagnosed. There is no cure, no treatment, and little to no research, support or funding to do with this disease. It presents itself in the most cruel & debilitating symptoms, losing all motor and cognitive function over the course of a few years. I won’t begin to tell you here what that looks like. It’s absolute hell,” she wrote at the time.

The Veronicas are taking part in Celebrity Apprentice to raise money for the Brain Foundation.


Now, the sisters are using their platform on the Celebrity Apprentice and raising money for the Brain Foundation, which will aid further research into the illness their mother so tragically suffers from.

In a statement, they wrote: “This is extremely close to our hearts. We have experienced first hand how devastating and difficult it is to have a loved one effected by a debilitating and life shortening Neurological condition. There is no recovery.”

“We are committed to continuing to raise awareness for @brainfoundation and anyone ever affected, so that families in the future can have answers, accessible information, and one day interventions and treatments for these heartbreaking diseases.”

They concluded: “We encourage anyone who is moved to, to donate to @brainfoundation at any time, and follow us along the journey to raise awareness in the spirit of solidarity X love Jess and Lisa.”

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