Teams, tears and tantrums: This is what really happened behind the scenes of Celebrity Apprentice Australia

While it's all in the name of charity, the stars are still fighting dirty.

By Woman's Day team
With the aim of raising money for their chosen charities all while impressing British billionaire Alan Sugar, the star cast of Celebrity Apprentice are wasting no time in throwing each other under the bus.
Here, Woman's Day unpacks the 10 most explosive bombshells to come out this season...
Reality TV stars vs. celebrities
While they're playing happy families for the cameras, our on-set source says tensions grew between two very defined camps: the reality stars and the celebrities, with some of the more recognised names such as Anthony Callea, Michelle Bridges and Shaynna Blaze feeling there were way too many "reality rejects" joining them on the show.
However, the reality stars stood their ground, with one telling our spy, "Anthony shouldn't forget where he came from. He might be a megastar now but he came to fame through Australian Idol".
Own your brand
There were lots of in-depth discussions before filming with each contestant being told it was imperative to be true to their roots.
Australian Survivor star David Genat, 41, was told "you need to blindside other contestants, Survivor style!" while others were told to play up to their stereotypes.
So expect Anthony, 38, to own his Botox and share his espresso martini recipe!
Tensions were high during the show. (Channel Nine)
"Don't you know who I am?"
Tensions are set to boil over when fashion designer Camilla Franks, 45, gets accused of being "self-obsessed" on the show, however we're told many of the stars were instructed by producers to "reiterate their celebrity" Why? Because their cast members – including Alan, 74 – barely knew who they were!
The Veronicas against the world!
The Veronicas – twin sisters Lisa and Jessica Origliasso, 36 – proved they are their own species with plenty of the cast saying they were too elusive.
"Not many people understood their sense of humour or style. If you are not from planet Veronica – don't expect to understand what the hell they are saying," reveals the source.
On the other side
While she's used to critiquing homes on The Block, getting a taste of her own medicine didn't come naturally to Shaynna Blaze, 58.
"She really struggled receiving negative feedback," says the source.
"It is one thing to be a judge on a reality show but she was well and truly out of her depth being on the other side of the fence. It was very uncomfortable for her."
Survivor star David Genat makes his voice heard. (Channel Nine)
You're fired!
A massive shock is set for episode one – with an early fan favourite getting the axe first.
"The celebrity who goes first will certainly surprise everyone. This is certainly not going to be an easy game," says the spy.
Don't expect Sugar to be sweet
If you thought previous hosts were ruthless,then you're in for a shock with Lord Sugar, who is set to become the mostbrutal CEO in Apprentice history!
"Don't expect anything like former host Mark Bouris! Alan could even give Donald Trump a run for his money," our set insider explains.
Queen of the resting b##ch face
While she made a name for herself throwing red wine on Married At First Sight, Martha Kalifatidis, 33, was quick to reassure her rivals she has turned over a new leaf, with our spy revealing that viewers should expect to see a new side to the queen of confrontation.
But what about that famous icy stare of hers? Well, that's still sticking around for now.
"Much of the cast were quick to point out that they would probably rather a wine in the face over her poisonous pout – she unnerved a lot of celebs," the source tells.
Best friends forever
While many of the celebrities gained new enemies through the show, it seems two cast members have gained a newfound friendship.
"Anthony Callea and Michelle Bridges have become instant BFFs," says our source.
"Whether or not they win the competition, they both feel like they have won something more important."
Indeed, Michelle, 50, was recently seen in Melbourne checking out her new bestie in his latest stage show at The Palms at Crown.
Left out in the cold
When Nine launched the promotional poster for the 2021 series, eagle-eyed fans noticed some of the celebrities were absent from the line-up, which resulted in some very angry stars.
"Management was quick to jump on the phone and hail abuse," says our spy.

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