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You might not be very familiar with David Genat's wife Pearl, but that's just how they like it

The model and reality TV star has been happily married for years.

By Alex Lilly
While David Genat might come across as a staunch, solo go-getter, he's actually got the backing of an incredible woman who deserves just as much recognition.
Yep, the Survivor and Celebrity Apprentice star certainly doesn't go things alone - he is happily married with three beautiful kids to boot.

Who is David Genat's wife?

David Genat is happily married to Pearl Christensen, and the pair share one daughter, Rei.
Pearl is a movement coach and personal trainer who David, 41, met when he moved from Australia to the US to pursue his modelling career.
Until last year, they lived in Brooklyn, New York. Now, the family have moved back to Western Australia.
Though they don't often post much about each other, Pearl did share a heartfelt post after David won the 2020 season of Australian Survivor.
"So proud of this incredible human," she captioned a photo of the family at the finale back in April of that year.
"He is always up for a challenge, digs into learning new things, tolerates immense stress with grace, doesn't ever give up and somehow makes almost everything fun. So happy to be in Australia with him."
"So happy to be in Australia with him." (Network Ten)
David also shared a rare insight into his family life when he revealed that part of his Survivor prize money would go towards helping his wife's health.
"My wife has some health complications with an auto immune problem with Lupus," he explained to TV WEEK.
Pearl opened up about her chronic illness in 2018 when she shared a throwback photo from six years before.
"These were happy days, before i got sick with lupus when I took my health and strength for granted. Even though I hope to never experience that pain, weakness and inflammation again, I'm so thankful for how it rearranged my priorities forever," she wrote.
Pearl (pictured with David and daughter Rei on Survivor) suffers from Lupus. (Network Ten)
In a chat with WHO, David was thankful that Pearl supported him for not one, but two seasons of Survivor.
"My wife is so amazing and she's so supportive, she hasn't once said to me that she regrets it, she's never given me any static about being away. I'm in an industry where I am away a lot but when I'm away I'm able to make calls and talk and text, so this is a whole different ball game," he told the mag in 2020.
"She's had to purely be my emotional support base because of dealing with the game, so it was committing my family to Survivor as well as myself just to make a better life for them.
"Her giving me a chance to win that money and to make a new career and next stage for myself was an amazing opportunity."
"My wife is so amazing and she's so supportive." (Instagram)
Of course, Pearl isn't David's first wife.
New Idea previously reported that before his modelling days, David lived a very different life as a website developer and a dedicated member of the Claremont Baptist Church.
The reality star was also married to jewellery designer Kathleen, whom he met at Edith Cowan University where he was studying a Bachelor of Business.
However after seven years of marriage, the couple parted ways and moved to America.
The former couple share two sons, Winston and Hugo, who live in Perth with Kathleen and her new husband, Jarrod and David revealed he moved back to Australia to be closer with his boys.
"Two of my boys have been growing up in Perth and they can't quite get the same relationship through Skype as they would in person," he told the publication.
"It's pretty expensive to fly a family of four here and have a place to stay. We were intent on making the move back and Survivor has given me the ability to do that."
This article first appeared on our sister site, New Idea.

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