Married At First Sight

Almost three years later, reality TV couple Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli continue to surprise us

They're one of a few Married at First Sight success stories.

By Jess Pullar
Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli declared their love in their Final Vows on Married At First Sight, but fans have continuously wondered whether they're still together, even two years later.
When they confessed their love to each other on the show in 2019, Michael told Martha that he was willing to uproot his life in Melbourne and move to Bondi.
"My feelings for you are incredible and being apart from you has made me realise how much I need you in my life," Michael said.
"I'm willing to give up everything I have to relocate for you. And there's only one reason why I feel the way I do about you. And that's because I love you. And there's no-one else I'd spend my life with."
Martha and Michael declared their love in the Final Vows of MAFS back in 2019. (Nine Network)

Are Michael and Martha from MAFS still together?

Despite multiple reports of a break up, Michael and Martha are still together - and going stronger than ever at that.
We take a look at some of their most interesting moments since they wrapped MAFS.

Loved-up on Instagram

Much like loved-up MAFS duo Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson, Martha and Michael have been posting happy couple snaps for years - at least, if you call their various pranks and thirsty pics "happy."
In May 2021, Michael shared a hilarious Instagram reel where he pranked Martha into thinking he'd shaved off his facial hair.
A horrified Martha wrote a number of flurried, concerned messages back to his Photo-Shopped image where a clean shaven (and very different-looking) Michael beams at the camera.
"This better be a joke," was the crux of her messages.
Martha later commented on his video: "Voldemort has seen better days than you clean shaven... just saying."

In February, after their season had aired in the UK and Ireland, Martha and Michael shared an update for their new gen of fans.
"So glad you enjoyed our MAFS journey! Yes! We're still together almost 3 years later."
The pair shared a cute Instagram pic confirming they were still together almost three years on since first meeting on the show. (Instagram)

Two peas in a pod

On Michael's 30th birthday, Martha shared a cute Instagram of herself and Michael along with the caption: "Happy Birthday babe. You're everything to me. You're already perfect but I can't wait to see what you do in this next chapter. 30. Welcome to the club!"
The duo have also partaken in a number of collaborations as a unit, made all the more watchable given their roots in reality TV fame.
The pair are always on the same page. (Instagram)
Right back to when they were relationship newbies! (Nine Network)

Keeping it in the family

The couple are also as close as ever with each other's families.
Michael recently shared a public post in support of Martha's mum Mary as she entered the Big Brother house.
"If there's one thing you've taught me... It's this... using one of your favourite sayings...⁣ I don't care, I'm hot."⁣

Do Michael and Martha have kids?

While the pair do not have any kids yet, they're not opposed to having them down the track.
In an Instagram Q&A, Martha confirmed she definitely wanted kids, explaining that while she's not in a huge rush, she is confident it will happen.
"I just have faith that everything's that's meant to be will be...and if that doesn't work out for me then modern medicine has come so far when it comes to fertility etc."
It looks like babies are on the cards... but not anytime soon. (Instagram)

Will Martha and Michael get married... again?

While they got married in 2019's season of Married at First Sight, the pair have admitted if they do marry off-screen, it'll be very different.
"I'm so grateful for our MAFS wedding, but it wasn't my fairy tale," Martha told Woman's Day in 2018.
She said she'd rather have a smaller, more intimate event with people she knew well.

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