Married At First Sight

They declared their love in their Final Vows, but are MAFS' Martha and Michael still together?

We investigate all the signs pointing to a split for the really, ridiculously good-looking pair...

By TV Week team
Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli may have declared their love in their Final Vows on Married At First Sight, but fans have been left questioning whether or not the couple are still together thanks to a few rumours doing the rounds.
When last we saw the couple on-screen, Michael was telling Martha that he was willing to uproot his life in Melbourne and move to Bondi.
"My feelings for you are incredible and being apart from you has made me realise how much I need you in my life," Michael said.
"I'm willing to give up everything I have to relocate for you. And there's only one reason why I feel the way I do about you. And that's because I love you. And there's no-one else I'd spend my life with."
Martha and Michael declared their love in the Final Vows (Image: Nine Network).
Though their Final Vows were heart-warming, there are reports that the pair may have split since filming wrapped on the reality series.
We take a look at all the rumours and find out the truth about Michael and Martha's current relationship, ahead of Sunday night's reunion...

Michael is STILL living in Melbourne... or Arizona

Last night, the 'MAFS Funny' Instagram account (known for revealing plot lines or uncovered posts from the cast) shared a screenshot of Michael's Facebook page. The photo revealed that Michael is listed as living in Melbourne, and has 'No relationship info to show.'
Mere hours after the 'MAFS Funny' post showed Michael to be living in Melbourne, his page now reads 'Lives in Carefree, Arizona.'
Unless Michael is suddenly sunning it up in Arizona, it seems the star caught on to the fact that thousands of people have seen the info and changed his location to the ever-so-clever town of "Carefree."
Is Michael living his best life in Arizona? Probably not (Image: Facebook/@MichaelBrunelli).

Loved-Up on Instagram

Much like loved-up duo Cam and Jules, Martha and Michael have been posting romantic candid photos and selfies, along with all the usual episodic MAFS content.
"@mbrunelli honey what do you call this look... dying to know???" Martha joked in the caption of one of her selfies.
"Gotta get creative after 75 selfies," he replied.
Michael and Martha leave flirty comments on each other's Instagram pages (Image: Instagram/@marthaa_k).
Overnight, Martha even poked fun at rumours she is only staying on the show for fame.
"Only said stay to get some good content for the gram....." she joked in the caption.
"The 16,000,000 selfies on your camera roll wasn't enough babe?" Michael replied.
We don't imagine that kind of teasing would be flying between two recent exes.
Martha jokes about staying on the show for Instagram content (Image: Instagram/@marthaa_k).

They're doing joint press

One of the main indicators that Martha and Michael are still an item is that they are still doing the media rounds as a couple, taking on press as a united front.
The only other couple who have consistently been facing the media circuit together are the strong-as-ever Cam and Jules, who we know are engaged and loving their new life together.
Martha and Michael did a joint interview earlier this week on KIIS1065. But just because they interviewed together, it doesn't mean it was all smooth sailing, as there was more than one awkward moment during the chat with hosts Kyle and Jackie O.
When asked if they're still together they both hesitated before saying yes. Then, there was an awkward (and uncomfortably long) pause before they said 'no' to the question 'have there been any problems?'
Perhaps the awkwardness was simply due to a delay over the phone?

Rumours are FLYING about Martha (and her alleged flings)

There have been three distinct rumours surrounding Martha and her single status, with reports suggesting she has been having flings with her "ex-boyfriend Arthur," her co-star Sam Ball, and her co-star Jessika Power's brother, Rhyce.
The 'ex-boyfriend' report came about courtesy of photos of Martha spending time with a man in her local Bondi.
Meanwhile, Martha was photographed having dinner with Sam in Bryon Bay in December.
This sparked interest from fans, who wondered if the pair had couple swapped after the experiment. The idea grew even more when fans questioned if this was the reason Sam and Martha were matched together in the promos.
Martha and Sam were paired up in the show's official promo image (Image: Nine Network).
The third rumour, regarding Rhyce Power, began after the pair were photographed together at an event during Melbourne Fashion Week.

What have Martha and Michael said?

For starters, the whole "Michael lives in Melbourne" thing can be explained by the man himself.
"Right now Martha is spending a lot of time in Melbourne and I'm doing my best to subtly keep her here," Michael told 9Honey this week, revealing they are currently doing long-distance.
"I do know that eventually she will move back to Sydney and when that time comes I might need to consider looking at schools in the Bondi area," he continued.
"Michael loves Bondi and would love to live here with me," Martha added. "Obviously he'd need to get everything in place before making the move. I've been more than happy to hang out back home in the meantime."
Martha and Michael say they're currently doing long-distance (Image: Nine Network).
As mentioned above, there are A LOT of rumours about Martha and her reported flings, though the star debunked most of the gossip in her interview with Kyle and Jackie O.
Regarding photos of her with an "ex-boyfriend," Martha says Arthur is one of her oldest friends.
"I'm actually mates with Arthur, he's a great guy, Martha and Arthur actually have like a brother and sister relationship," Michael backed her up.
Meanwhile, the reports that she is now dating fellow MAFS star Sam were explained as a friendly dinner.
"I was spending Christmas with my family in Byron Bay and Sam lives down there," Martha explains. "He came and sat and had a few drinks with my parents and me."
As for Rhyce, Martha had a slightly less friendly explanation. She told the Daily Mail she had "just met him" at the event, compared him to a "rash," and implied there would be nothing romantic between them even "if he was the last man on earth."
That's one way to shut things down!
Though she's best pals with Jessika, Martha says it was the first time she'd ever met Rhyce (Image: Nine Network).

The Verdict

Even though rumours - and a few carefully timed pap photos - may be suggesting that Martha is living her best single life, it seems the MAFS star is actually still enjoying the loved-up life with her partner Michael.
Though they look happier than ever, things don't seem to be going quite as well for their co-stars Heidi and Mike.

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