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Wippa's three kids are the cutest mini-me versions of their radio star dad

They've each got their own Wippa-like personality.

By Jess Pullar
Michael "Wippa" Wipfli has had a whirlwind career of success, but his biggest achievement will always be his three beautiful children.
The 41-year-old is a stalwart on the Aussie airwaves, and as he's welcomed each new member to his adorable brood, the country has celebrated with him.
Michael, who is known as Wippa, met his wife Lisa Wipfli in 2013 while they both worked in the same building at Nova.
After marrying in 2013, they were quick to start a family together, and they now share three kids.
Wippa and Lisa share three, gorgeous children. (Instagram)

Wippa's kids

Wippa and Lisa share three children - Theodore, five, Jack, four and Francesca, who turned one in March.
Like their funny-guy dad, his two eldest sons have their own standout personalities - a quick scroll through Instagram will tell you as much.
Wippa often shares candid family moments to his Instagram page. (Instagram)
In April, Wippa shared a cute video of little Jack playing a game of animal heads-up.
After correctly guessing a snake, the four year old literally jumps up and down in glee, with Wippa exasperatedly commenting: "You haven't won lotto!"

Theodore is also growing up to be quite the character.
The proud dad shared another sweet pic of his son, arms raised, cap sideways.
Explaining their conversation, Wippa wrote on behalf of Theodore: "Dad how did I end up so cool, and where did I get this natural gift of rapping from?"
Wippa replied to him: "You don't need to look any further buddy."
Wippa's eldest son Jack is definitely taking after his father in the jokes department.
Wippa is also besotted with his daughter, Francesca.
The adorable baby girl, who was born just a week into the COVID-19 lockdown in Australia, is the apple of her Mum and Dad's eye.
Wippa shared a cute selfie of the two of them back in January, writing: "What's cuter, beards or babies? Get your votes in."
Michael and Francesca are the cutest father-daughter duo. (Instagram)
As a dad-of-three, Wippa makes the most of his following to show off just how much of a "cool dad" he is.
Taking to Instagram last year, he and his two sons attempted to break the record of the longest Hot Wheels race.
While the attempt wasn't quite as successful as they hoped, the proud dad was still impressed with his sons.
Alongside a picture of the three decked out in their racing gear, Wippa wrote: "This is the Pit Crew committed to breaking the world record for the longest Hot Wheels track ever made.
"Little guy on the left of screen, that's Jack, he's in charge of ripping open packets of track open. Ted is on the right, besides scaring himself with is own fist, is world class is telling other people 'we need more track!'"
Yep, he can probably safely claim he is quite a cool dad with his various radio stunts, but ultimately, it's his family that he'll cherish more than any title.

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