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The Veronicas open up about their mother’s "heartbreaking" mystery illness

Sending Colleen and her twin daughters our well-wishes during this trying time.

By Ellie McDonald
Following years of doctors' appointments, tests and misdiagnoses, The Veronicas (AKA Lisa and Jessica Origliasso) have finally discovered the crippling illness that has held a grip on their mum, Colleen, for years – something that has been undoubtedly "heartbreaking" and "frustrating" for the musical twins.
As reported by the Daily Mail, Lisa and Jessica, now 33, opened up to The Courier-Mail about their mum's ongoing health struggles, saying that things for Colleen took a worrying turn last year right before the singing siblings were due to release their fourth album.

Upon news of their mum's hospitalisation, Lisa and Jess instantly travelled back to their hometown of Brisbane to be with their hospitalised mother. She has since been diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia with progressive supranuclear palsy – a type of dementia similar to Alzheimer's Disease, yet that can also cause visual hallucinations, tremors, stiffness, as well as cause someone to flit between clear and confused states.

"It has been an incredibly heartbreaking and frustrating time trying to find a definitive diagnosis. We have had incredible support from friends and family," say the sisters, who are both very close with Colleen (Jess and Colleen even have matching 'JCL' tattoos to signify their strong bond.
So, why are The Veronicas opening about their mother's illness now? Well, to raise awareness about it.
"We wanted to share our beautiful mum's story so that we can hopefully raise awareness for people and their families affected by this disease," the pair revealed on the same day that they took part in the Memory Walk and Jog With Dementia Australia in Brisbane on Sunday.
Sending Colleen and her twin daughters our well-wishes during this trying time.