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Megan Gale and Shaun Hampson’s relationship proves that sometimes, slow burns turn to fireworks

''Our sense of humour is so stitched together, it is like one mind.''
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It started as long-distance, but 13 years later, they are still going strong.

Megan Gale, 48, and former AFL star Shaun Hampson, 35, met in 2011, and although their connection wasn’t initially instant, after they got to know each other better deep feelings began to grow.

“It was a slow burn,” Megan admitted to The Australian Women’s Weekly. “It wasn’t that instant, see each other, fall in love, inseparable.”

“I just found out after talking to him for a while that he had way more maturity and depth than I initially thought,” Megan continued.

But at the time, Megan was living in Sydney, and Shaun was in Melbourne. They initially dated over Skype, and even though long-distance relationships can be a risk, it only solidified their undeniable chemistry.

In 2019, Megan told The Australian Women’s Weekly, “We’d start Skyping around 8 pm, then look at the clock, and it would be 4 am.

“It was that giddy, high school thing where you could sleep for two hours then wake up and feel refreshed and energised. You’re glowing and bolstered by this new connection.”

The couple got engaged in 2017, they have yet to get married, but in 2019 Shaun opened up about his marriage plans.

At the time, he said the wedding might be a year away, and he gave a glimpse into the type of wedding the couple has in mind.

“There’s just been so much on. Both of us are trying to find the time to focus on a wedding now that our lives are running smoothly. I can guarantee it’ll be very small and intimate,” Shaun told TV Week.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Shaun spoke candidly about missing Megan while on Survivor and revealed why their connection is so strong.

“Our sense of humour is so stitched together, it is like one mind. If we are not looking after the kids or doing dinner, we are joking around and I missed that connection. She is my number one,” he told the publication.

On May 13 2014, the gorgeous couple welcomed their son, River, into the world.

“Our precious little 3.87kg (8.5 pound) man came into the world yesterday on the 13th of May 2014 at 4.47pm,” Gale wrote alongside the picture,” wrote Megan in her announcement.

The family of three became four when their daughter Rosie was born in 2017.

“Our darling little bun came out of the oven earlier this week 🍞 Sweet little soul. You are already so blessed. Healthy as can be with a family that has fallen head over heels in love with you,” penned Megan.

To soak in the love between this ridiculously good looking couple then enjoy this deep dive into their cutest moments together.

(Image: Instagram)

A truly gorgeous couple.

(Image: Instagram)

Looking as glammed-up as ever.

(Image: Instagram)

All loved up!

(Image: Instagram)

Megan Gale

Megan posted loved up pictures from her family vacation to Fiji, and she wanted to clarify two things – they’re having the best time, and no, they aren’t naked.

The former model captioned the snap, “Salty, sun-kissed, smiling and soaking up Vomo Lai Lai ☺️ And yes, I’m aware that we appear naked in the first shot, but we’re not #orarewe?”

(Image: Instagram)

Megan Gale

Megan looked radiant, enjoying a beachfront breakfast with her beau.


Megan Gale Shaun Hampson

Megan shared with her followers that the couple makes sure they don’t forget about date night.

“My partner Shaun and I make sure we don’t leave it more than 3 or 4 weeks between date nights,” said Megan.

Women’s Weekly Magazine

Megan Gale love

This shot of the couple captures the sweetness of their love.


Megan Gale family

In a revealing Christmas message Megan cleared the air about her wedding plans, she wrote, “Meeting my man and we’re now engaged. (Not planned a single thing for the wedding including where and when but we are in no rush ☺️).”


Megan Gale champagne

Megan and Shaun were celebrating a new business venture together.


Megan Shaun

The couple announced they had become owners of the Dollywood Daylesford hotel.

Megan Gale christmas

Christmas at the Gale-Hampson household looks delightful.

Who Magazine

Megan Gale Who Magazine

Honestly! Honestly… could this couple be any hotter?


Megan Gale Vogue

Shaun and Megan at a Vogue event in 2019.

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WHO’s SEXIEST: BTS with Megan Gale and Shaun Hampson


Megan Gale kids

Shaun told TV Week that he went on Survivor because Megan loves the show. “I wouldn’t have gone if she wasn’t [supportive].”


Megan Gale event

Shaun captioned this love-filled pic, “Happy Birthday to this INCREDIBLE woman. The best mum and person I know. Tough and resilient but funny as hell and gentle. Your day @megankgale 🎁🎉🎊🎂.”


Megan Gale and Shaun Hampson

The glamour exuding from this picture is getting us in awe of this couple all over again!

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WHO’s SEXIEST: Megan Gale and Shaun Hampson


Megan Gale and Shaun Hampson date night

Shaun and Megan on one of their regular date nights.


Megan Gale and Shaun Hampson event

Megan and Shaun were looking straight out of the vintage wild west!

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Megan Gale and her partner Shaun Hampson buisness


Megan Gale throwback

Megan and Shaun were enjoying a day at the polo a year into dating.

IMAGE: Instagram

”The quickest 5 years of my life but they say time fiels when you’re having fun and this girl proves it,” Megan shared to her Instagram to celebrate her daughter Rosies birthday.

IMAGE: Instagram

Mum and dad all dressed up for the National Gallery of Victoria Alexander McQueen exhibition opening party.

IMAGE: Instagram

Christmas 2022

”So much to be thankful for. Heart is full (and lots of full bellies),” Megan shared to her Instagram for Christmas 2022.

IMAGE: Instagram

first day of school 2023

The family celebrated the first day of school for 2023 with this sweet, and rather silly, snap.

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