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These pictures prove that Home and Away sweethearts Luke Mitchell and Rebecca Breeds are the soap’s biggest success story

''It was absolutely a feeling that we had lived another life together.''
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It has become increasingly common over the years for Home and Away cast mates to forge off-screen romances that keep die-hard fans on the edge of our seats.

And while some don’t go the distance and result in nothing more than a behind-the-scenes fling, Home and Away fan-favourites from seasons past, Luke Mitchell and Rebecca Breeds, have become one of the show’s biggest success stories.


Roughly 15 years after falling in love on set, and eventually going on to tie the knot and move to the US, Luke and Bec’s love story is one of the sweetest we’ve seen come out of the Bay.

Take a look at the couple’s biggest relationship milestones.

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The couple fell in love on the set of Summer Bay in 2009. Luke, 36, played resident charmer Romeo Smith from 2009 to 2013, and Rebecca, 34, played passionate free spirit Ruby Buckton from 2008 to 2012.

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The Summer Bay golden couple are now based in the US, along with their adorable dog Alfie.

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Luke previously said that falling in love with Bec on Home and Away made his experience on the soap “so spcial”.

“We certainly spent most of our relationship on the show. And when I finally finished, we were engaged, and then we got married, and then we moved overseas,” he said.

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Luke credited Bec her for helping bring him international success after moving to the US.

“I don’t think I could have done what I’ve done overseas if it weren’t for Bec. I’m a very lucky guy,” he told TV WEEK in 2019.

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Bec and Luke met in 2009 at a mutual friend’s housewarming. At the time, Luke had just moved to Sydney for his Home And Away gig, while Rebecca was already filming the show in the idyllic Palm beach.

“I felt like I already knew him. It was absolutely a feeling that we had lived another life together,” she previously said of their first meeting.

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“I knew immediately after the party that what I had with Luke was that soulmate thing,” Bec said of Luke after they first met at a mutual friend’s house before falling in love on the set of Home and Away.


In 2013, the couple tied the knot in a picturesque wedding in NSW’s Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat.

They exchanged emotional vows they’d written themselves in front of 70 of their closest friends and family.


“I will be guided by love, not fear. I will take care of you, support you, honour you, listen to you, inspire you… and love you completely forever,” Luke’s wedding vows to Bec read.

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“I will be your greatest fan and encouragement, holding your hand and cheering you on through everything,” Bec’s wedding vows to Luke read.

“I will look on the bright side of life. I will trust and honour you as the head of our family and our household. All else will be secondary to our relationship. I will venture into the wilds of this world with you and I will be your safe place of love, into the next world and beyond.”

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The couple eventually confirmed they were dating in 2010 following months of speculation about their relationship.

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Luke and Bec have been one of the biggest success stories to come out of Home and Away, in terms of both their relationship and lucrative acting gigs they’ve picked up since their time on the show.

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Luke Mitchell and Todd Lasance star alongside Michael B Jordan in new film Without Remorse

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The happy couple regularly post loved-up snaps to their combined 830,000 Instagram followers.

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Sharing a loved-up selfie of the pair together to commemorate their eighth wedding anniversary earlier this year, Bec penned: “8 years. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. Into the wild and beyond. 💫”

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Throwback! Bec and Luke attended the WHO ‘Sexiest People’ Party in 2010, a year after going public with their romance.

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“‘Each day is Valentine’s Day’ 🎶 I love you more @lukemitchell17 💕💕💕” Rebecca captioned this throwback travel pic to mark the day of love.

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The couple celebrated Valentine’s Day with a game of putt putt golf.

“Nothing says “romance” like a serious game of Putt-Putt…😎⛳️ Happy V Day lovers!! ❤️” Luke captioned this photo.

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Rebecca and Luke prove that couples who bake together, stay together!

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Luke posted this adorable photo to ring in the new year.

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The lovebirds always make the most of their days off together, and recently took a day trip to a vineyard in Santa Ynez, California. “Wine not?” Luke quipped in the caption of this post.

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Rebecca took the opportunity to heap praise on Luke for his 37th birthday in April.

“Happy Birthday to my favourite! A better human does not exist. I love you. 🥳🤩💙” she captioned this loved-up post.

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They’re co-stars again! In April 2022, Luke landed a recurring role on The Originals spinoff Legacies – the same series Rebecca Breeds is currently starring in.

And it seems the husband and wife will cross paths while shooting the hit series. When Luke spoke with TVLine, he said it was “super fun” to be working with Rebecca again.

“We may have a couple of scenes together, maybe I’ve said too much, but there are a few interactions between our characters,” he teased.

“She’s playing a 1,000-year-old vampire and I’m playing an all-powerful god — just slightly different from our real-life relationship. Just a touch.”

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Here’s to many more blissful years together!

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The pair almost look unrecognisable as they go in incognito mode in Portugal.

“Just a couple of Portuguese Tarts,” Luke captioned the image.

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Too busy looking at their cuteness to notice the water is green! The Home And Away lovebirds snapped the picture on Saint Patrick’s Day 2024.

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