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It’s been years since celebrities abandoned the #ThrowbackThursday hashtag on Instagram, but that hasn’t stopped them from sharing adorable and hilarious childhood throwbacks.

From primary school photos to snaps from their awkward teen years, Home And Away alums and Bachelor heartthrobs have posted plenty of old-school snaps online.

While they’re unrecogniseable in most of them, these pics prove even our favourite stars were just like us once upon a time – braces and all!

From the geeky to the gorgeous, from chubby babies to gangly youths – check out the best of celebrity throwbacks and test your celeb knowledge to see if you can recognise these stars from back when they were unknown.

Keep scrolling for all our favourite celebrity throwback photos.

(Image: Instagram)

Megan Gale

Australian supermodel Megan Gale recently shared a collection of photos from her adolescence to Instagram, speaking about her shy and quiet personality.

“I think back to myself between the ages of 13 and 16. Whilst I was reasonably well liked amongst my peers and had the odd boyfriend, I was also very shy at times, incredibly self conscious and lacked confidence,” the 48-year-old wrote.

(Image: Instagram)

Jelena Dokic & Kim Clijsters

“Exactly,25 years ago two 15 year olds won @rolandgarros Junior Doubles title at the French Open. Such a nice memory with the lovely and amazing @clijsterskim . Thank you Kim.❤️🥰,” Australian tennis iconic Jelena Dokic shared on Instagram,

(Image: Channel 10)

Sarah Harris

Live on air, The Project host Sarah Harris showcased a throwback photo of her back in her clubbing days!

Harris reminisced about her youth, and told audiences, “I would dance all night.”

Osher Gunsberg

We love an Osher Gunsberg throwback! And he blessed us with this “flashback to 2003” while on the Billabong circuit Pro Tahiti.

“I’d never seen a wave like #teahupoo, a subway tunnel-sized tube containing hundreds of tonnes of water travelling at frightening speeds in from the pacific, and breaking over an ancient, shallow, razor-sharp reef,” he said in his caption about the adventure.

Julia Morris

Julia looks completely unrecognisable in her latest throwback! The television icon took to Instagram to share a snap of her playing the flute at band camp, writing:

“There was this one time… at band camp… that I wrote the song “Please Give Me the Logie” in the key of h flat. Would love your vote in this years TV Week Logies,” she wrote.

The I’m A Celebrity host was nominated for the 2023 TV WEEK Gold Logie.

Julia Morris

“Rocking an earlier egg challenge…” I’m A Celeb‘s Julia Morris uploaded a cute throwback pic of herself in her younger years and it is egg-cellent to say the least!

Julia Morris

Aussie comedienne, Julia Morris, has shared this adorable throwback to her playground and pigtail days.

Julia Morris

“So there was this one time… #ThrowbackThursday #rustyhue jx what do you mean it’s not Thursday?,” hilarious host Julia Morris wrote alongside a retro shot of her with a flute.

Carrie Bickmore

Carrie Bickmore shared this incredible throwback from her school formal on The Project. Talking about her date’s reaction to her velvet frock, the blonde beauty said, “When he rocked up he said to me, ‘I think my grandma’s couch is made out of that material.'”

Carrie Bickmore

“Oh God, I’m still rocking the same moves! That’ a bit disturbing,” the mother-of-two laughed when a caparison pic flashed across the screen.

Watch the hilarious moment play out in the next slide!

Jasmine Stefanovic, is that you? A friend of the ex-model shared this throwback to their days in the fashion industry together, but fans couldn’t look away from their… questionable makeup choices.

“Fashion week 14 years ago where has that time gone?” the pal captioned this pic, with Jasmine replying: “How good are our eyebrows?” No comment!

Jules Sebastian

Jules Sebastian shared this delightful throwback photo of herself as a little girl, complete with pigtails tied in matching bows.

She captioned the snap: “What would your younger self say to your current self? This little girl would say to me… Your superpower ends up being your ability to remain yourself through every stage-so don’t change a thing!”

Georgie Parker

Home and Away’s Georgie Parker was feeling sentimental for simpler times in the early 2000s when she shared this iconic noughties look featuring a mesh tank over a black singlet, a hip-hugging skirt, and blue eyeshadow.

The picture was snapped at The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television awards, and in her caption, she shared a cute detail about the moment captured on flash.

“What a flashback @aacta. 20 years ago. I remember feeling great in this skirt, eating a lot of chocolate with my husband and generally having a brilliant night 🍷🍫🍫,” she wrote.

Georgie Parker

Roo was quite the cutie! Home and Away star Georgie has also delighted fans with this childhood throwback snap of herself to mark her 57th birthday.

Sylvia Jeffreys

With a smile like that, it’s no wonder Sylvia Jeffreys would grow up to light up our screens. The Channel Nine presenter shared this throwback picture, and she pulled attention to her gorgeous accessory by sharing in her caption, “slap on a satin headband and party hard.”

The throwback from her childhood caught her Today Extra co-host David Campbell’s eye, so he gleefully commented, “This little face.”

Rickie Lee Coulter

Ricki-Lee Coulter shared this adorable school photo, and while we think she looked perfect, the singer pointed out that her hair was an at-home DIY haircut. In her caption, she made a self-deprecating joke about bringing back the boyish hairstyle.

“Did anyone else used to give themselves haircuts as a kid?! 🤣🤣🤣 This was my finest little boys cut! If it wasn’t for the frilly collar & the headband, you would seriously think I was a boy! Maybe I’ll have to try this haircut out again as an adult one day…NOT! 🤣🤣🤣,” the Australian Idol alum wrote.

Hamish Blake

It looks like Hamish Blake has always had a passion for cakes! Taking to Instagram with his adorable throwback from 1988, the TV host and dad called his 5th birthday a “possible cake making genesis moment.”

He wrote: “Mum just found this pic of my 5th birthday cake: cricketers playing a fielder-less game on a giant 5. Whilst it would be easy to nit pick here and say there should be some green coconut for grass, and some small fireworks on the edge could give it a real BBL feel, I distinctly remember loving this cake so much. It blew my mind that my loves of cricket, chocolate and my new age could be combined.”

Dannii and Kylie Minogue

Giving fans a little Easter treat was Dannii Minogue, who shared a previously unseen photo of herself with sister Kylie when they were kids.

“This pic is me and @KylieMinogue cooking up a storm at our Nain’s house when we were little. What will you be whipping up for Easter this year and will your little ones be giving you a hand in the kitchen?” she wrote.

Dannii Minogue

In a message to all the kids, mums and dads starting the first day of school, Dannii Minogue shared a sweet photo of her own first day at school. What a cutie!

Tiff Hall

Personal trainer Tiffiny Hall posted this old photo of herself in high school, sharing the one piece of advice she’d give her teenage self.

“I was so passionate in school and had such incredible support from my teachers. I didn’t realise at the time how important that was, but I feel so grateful now for where it has got me in life. If I could give my teen self one piece of advice? It’d be to enjoy the journey and not worry so much about the future. Live in the moment, back yourself, and trust that kindness, hard work, positivity and passion are the key to success.”

We love that message!

Alex Nation

Before she became a fan favourite on The Bachelor, Alex Nation was a mum-to-be. The reality star shared this snap from her pregnancy with son Elijah. “Here I am, 18, a brace face, pregnant, nervous, a little unsure, excited, scared (petrified) but empowered. I just want to say to ALL the mums out there, we rock. We are tired (96.5% of the time) and very rarely do we get to sit on the toilet in peace, but we absolutely rock!!!”

Rebecca Gibney

Once a beauty, always a beauty! Rebecca Gibney proves that aging is optional with this ’80s flashback that takes aim at her choice of hairdo. “Let’s not talk about the perm…” she wrote.

Hugh Jackman

Australia’s own Hugh Jackman has shared this incredible flashback to his university days with a reminiscent post on Instagram. Wishing this generation’s graduates his best, the star wrote: “Congrats To The Graduating Class Of 2016!”

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman embraces the warmer months by sharing this shirtless pic (L) “Summer Lovin in the mid-80s. #throwbackthurday,” he captioned it.

Hugh Jackman

While he was dashing in the eighties, he was even cuter in the seventies! “Circa 1970 me and Sooty.” Who would have thought that cherubic blond boy would grow up to be Wolverine!

Hugh Jackman and Deborrah-Lee Furness

“Once upon a time ….” Hugh Jackman uploaded this delightful shot with his ex-wife Deborra-Lee Furness from back in the day. What fresh-faced cuties!

Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson shared this snap from decades ago. She hasn’t changed!

David Campbell

David Campbell during his musical theatre days.

Laura Byrne

This is just too good to be true! Bachelor star Laura Byrne shared this throw back picture on her Instagram account alongside the caption: “They say that “history repeats itself”. Dear God I hope not.” We still think she looks adorable!

Sam Wood

The Bachelor star and fitness guru Sam Wood is completely unrecognisable in this throwback he shared on social media. Calling himself a “skinny kid” the now-buff dad took the opportunity to explain how would feel self-conscious because of his slight frame. “When I tell people I used to be incredibly skinny and it was something I was really conscious of I don’t think they understand or believe me,” he wrote. Sam started training to gain weight not to lose it and in doing so says he’s discovered his confidence.

Lara Worthington

Too cute! Aussie model Lara Worthington shared to Instagram this super-smiley snap of herself as a tot in preschool. Even all the years later, the the mum-of-two still has the same plump cheeks and sunny blonde locks.

Zoe Foster Blake

New mum-of-two Zoe Foster Blake has taken to Instagram with a series of throwback snaps, showing off some very cool looks. Revealing that her mother brought along the childhood memories while visiting baby Rudy, the 37-year-old had a field day sharing the photos, making sure to include some hilarious captions.

Kylie Minogue

Too cute! Kylie Minogue, the Princess of Pop, recently took to Instagram to share a precious throwback snap of a typical Minogue-family Australia Day. Can you work out who’s who? She captioned the adorable pic, “#family #AustraliaDay… With respect to the traditional custodians of our land and #love for my #home country!!! #tbt.”

Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue also decided to pull a photo from the Minogue-family album to celebrate Australia Day. With blue eyeshadow and fun side-braids to boot, we absolutely adore this flashback photo of the Aussie sweetheart!

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