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James Packer’s model exes

As Woman’s Day exclusively reveals James Packer’s secret relationship with Miranda Kerr, we take a look back at the bevy of beauties the billionaire has romanced in the past.

James is notorious for almost exclusively dating models, including his first wife Jodhi Meares and Aussie model Kate Fischer.

It seems the 46-year-old has now bagged himself arguably Australia’s most famous supermodel, Miranda Kerr.

Check out James’ former beauties here!

James Packer’s model exes.

James’ ex-wife Erica Packer.

The pair signed divorce papers in September.

James’ first wife Jodhi Meares.

The pair split in 2002.

James’ ex-fiancé Kate Fischer.

James’ ex-girlfriend Jennifer Flavin.

US actress and model Joan Severance has reportedly dated Packer.

James is now secretly dating model Miranda Kerr.

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