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Happy 50th Birthday Brad!

The world’s sexiest man alive is reaching a milestone this week – Brad Pitt is turning 50.

While there are plenty of young men, like Chris Hemsworth and Channing Tatum, giving the American actor a run for his money in the sexy stakes, Brad still holds his own, on screen and off.

Reminisce with us as we look back over Brad’s illustrious career, spanning back from his modelling and TV days, into his movie screen explosion and life as a father.

Check out the Hollywood sweethearts, including an Aussie, who managed to capture this beautiful man’s eye along the way.

Enjoy the memories ladies!

Happy Birthday Brad!

It will come as no surprise that Brad began his career in modelling.

Pitt’s first proper TV role was in Dallas, alongside actress Shalane McCall.

One of his first movies was the hugely popular Thelma and Louise.

Followed by A River Runs Through It.

It was in movies like Legends of the Fall that women began to notice the handsome actor.

Brad had a few leading ladies in his life, including Australian actress Juliette Lewis.

You can probably remember the days when he and Gwyneth Paltrow cozied up together.

But it was his relationship with Friends star Jennifer Aniston that captured the world.

Until vixen Angelina Jolie swooped in and stole the leading man.

But Brad was never far from the support of his ‘Friends.’

Posing with Hollywood’s leading men at the Troy Premiere.

The hit movie Oceans Eleven created lifelong friendships for Brad.

Tom Cruise and Brad catch-up after filming Interview with a Vampire together.

Brad hugs American heavy-weight actress Julia Roberts.

Brad has achieved a lot in the past 50 years.

He has been nominated for four Academy Awards and Five Golden Globes and won one!

And he’s sported some great hairstyles through-out his time.

But his main achievement seems to have come from his unexpected love for Angelina.

…and their growing family of six.

Brad today – just moments away from turning 50 and still looking fabulous!

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