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Denise Richards wants to end custody of Charlie’s twins

Denise Richards wants to end custody of Charlie and Brooke’s twins

Denise Richards with daughters nine-year-old Sam, eight-year-old Lola and two-year-old Eloise.

Denise Richards is refusing to care for her ex-husband Charlie Sheen’s children with Brooke Mueller any longer after revealing they are violent towards her daughters.

Denise has written a letter to the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services stating she no longer wishes to care for the boys and blames Brooke for their troublesome behaviour, a source told Radar Online.

The actress gained temporary custody of four-year-old twins Max and Bob in May when Brooke entered rehab for the 22nd time because of ongoing drug abuse. She says the boys’ behaviour became out of control following visits with their mother.

In the letter, the 42-year-old says the twins act violently towards her daughters, Sam, 9, Lola, 8, and two-year-old Eloise, claiming they have strangled, scratched, punched, slapped and kicked the girls in the face and head.

One incident resulted in a doctor’s visit for Sam after a toy was thrown at her face.

Denise alleges the boys abuse her dogs, squeezing their heads and strangling them by the neck, and says they have threatened to kill them.

She states the boys are also poorly behaved at school, acting violently towards their teachers and other children.

In an effort to solve the problem, Denise suggested the boys receive psychological counselling, but Brooke apparently shut that idea down.

Denise began acting as temporary legal guardian for Charlie and Brooke’s twin boys after child protective services removed the children from Brooke’s home.

Brooke is currently being treated for an addiction to prescription drugs and other substances.

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