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Are Married at First Sight’s Troy and Carly back together?

The MAFS exes get back together – and invite everyone to witness the moment!
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It’s been a while since we’ve seen these two flapping their tongues about, but it seems Married At First Sight exes Carly Bowyer and Troy Delmege have reunited – very passionately, we might add!

The former flames were spotted playing a couple of rounds of tonsil hockey on the dance floor at a Maxim party on November 16, clearly not doing much to hide their rekindled romance.

Troy Delmege and Carly Bowyer were spotted making out at a Maxim event. Are they back together? (Source: Instagram)

“They were really going for it… Carly wrapped her arms around Troy’s neck and pulled him in tightly in front of everyone,” says an onlooker. While another source reveals they believe the duo went home together!

Indeed, Carly, 33, hinted to NW recently that the door to a reunion with Troy, 36, was still wide open, after they announced their split in August, with Troy moving out of Carly’s Melbourne home and back up to Sydney.

“Look, I would never say never to getting back together with Troy – I just think for us [the split] was circumstantial,” she confessed, adding that it was difficult to let go of the relationship.

“It has been hard because we still care about each other a lot,” she said. “It’s not like we had a big angry fight or we ended things on a bad note… I think because we still want to talk to each other, it’s hard.”

If the pair do indeed get back together, it could be for good – and no-one would be surprised if soon after, a baby would be on the way! “They’re a good match,” says a source. Awww!

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When the couple broke up, Australia were shocked.

Carly, who was originally paired with millionaire Justin Fischer, and Troy, who was matched with flight attendant Ashley Irvine, were the couple we never saw coming and were first spotted getting a little bit frisky in a Melbourne park before the show’s finale. They went on to date for a PDA-packed nine months, but despite the split, the two have seemingly ended on great terms.

“Troy, my darling, you are something special. You’re my best friend and I will always be here for you. It’s the end of this chapter but it’s not goodbye,” Carly posted on her Instagram.

And Troy let his followers know that he only has good things to say about his now ex-girlfriend as well.

“I knew way back when we met at the first dinner party that Carly was a special girl. She captured my heart in so many ways… She was my rock during the experiment and has been ever since… I’ll treasure the memories forever… Carly, I wish you all the happiness in the world.”

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