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Ashton’s worse than Tiger!

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Demi’s friends say Ashton could rival the golfer in the love-rat stakes.

As a devastated Demi Moore desperately tries to salvage her marriage following reports of husband Ashton Kutcher’s infidelity, close friends have warned her that this latest scandal could be just the tip of the iceberg. Ashton’s alleged affair with 23-year-old student Sara Leal on the eve of their sixth wedding anniversary was the most public of his indiscretions, but Demi’s friends fear many more mistresses may be about to come out of the woodwork.

“Hollywood is full of girls who are claiming to have had sex with Ashton in the time he has been married to Demi,” claims one friend, who has known the 48-year-old actress for 11 years. “He could be worse than [golfer] Tiger Woods!” Speaking exclusively to Woman’s Day, the friend adds, “The problem is that Demi still loves him and she will do anything to make it work.” Indeed, there are suggestions that Demi, insecure about their 15-year age gap, had previously agreed to an open relationship. “Given his age, she thought Ashton might still have some wild oats to sow,” a friend tells US magazine InTouch.

The only condition was that her husband be “discreet about it and didn’t embarrass her”. Clearly, their arrangement has backfired spectacularly. The couple was last week seen looking miserable as they arrived, still wearing their wedding rings, at the Kabbalah Centre in LA. They sat apart during a 40-minute Rosh Hashanah service, then met together with a rabbi for their first ession of marriage counselling.

Ashton, 33, had to confess his sins, and was advised to quit drinking and partying. He and Demi will now have private weekly therapy sessions at home, as well as attending Kabbalah services every weekend. According to a Kabbalah insider, the mystical Jewish religion teaches that infidelity does not spell the end of a marriage. The source says, “If a man strays for a brief fling, it does not mean that he doesn’t love her. He can have an affair yet still love and honour his wife.”

Read more about Ashton and Demi’s broken marriage in this week’s Woman’s Day on sale October 10, 2011.

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