The Giles sisters took out the crown, but is that the end of Family Food Fight for good?

Low ratings have left them on the chopping block.

By Rebel Wylie
Family Food Fight fans have been waiting eagerly to see who would be crowned with the title of Australia's best home cook, and on Tuesday night they witnessed fan favourites Bec and Nicole Giles take out prize, winning an astounding $100,000!
The sisters, from Queensland's Sunshine Coast, went head to head with Western Australia's Cory and Leon Tartaglia, with the competition coming down to the wire, and only decided on the desserts, the very last dish the teams presented to Family Food Fight judges, Matt Moran, Anna Polyviou and Tom Parker-Bowles.
'In the end, it really came down to the desserts,' said Matt.
Matt Moran, Anna Polyviou and Tom Parker-Bowles had the difficult task of choosing last night's champions. Image: Supplied Nine Network.
Both teams put their best foot forward, with the boys plating up mouse with mascarpone ice cream and girls going in with spongecake with ganache sauce and malt ice cream.
Presenting unique and delicious desserts with dessert queen Anna on the judges table must have been intimidating, but both teams delivered, making the winner decision a challenging one.
Matt was the one to break the news, saying; 'It took a lot of discussion. But we have made our decision," before crowning the Queensland sisters with the title and the hefty prize money.
'We can't imagine this amount of money!' The Giles sisters took out the title and the $100,00 prize purse. Image: Supplied Nine Network.
For dedicated fans, the result was popular, but the truth is that while season two of the show had all the markings for a ratings hit - 7:30pm timeslot, great judges, interesting families, sob stories, villains and some incredible cooking, sadly the numbers didn't reflect that people were tuning in as expected.
From the premiere - which clocked just 411,000 viewers - the season struggled to get the numbers.
Tuesday night's finale pulled 447,000 metro viewers, which was a significant fall of more than 100,000 viewers from last year.
Those numbers might mean it's time to pack up the test kitchen.
TV Tonight reported that the family-friendly cooking show is under review and potentially on the chopping block due to the poor ratings performance.
The show struggled to hit 500,000 viewers each night, including the finale, leaving Nine's head of content Adrian Swift 'disappointed' in the show's performance.
Will this really be the end for Family Food Fight? We'll have to wait and see.