10 reasons why North West will make the perfect big sister

She’s been the sole apple of Kanye and Kim’s eye for two years, but now North West has to share the limelight with a little brother.
North West and Kim Kardashian

She’s been the sole apple of Kanye and Kim’s eye for two years, but now North West has to share the limelight with a little brother.

Fear not though, because little Nori has all the tools at her disposal to make the most perfect big sis.

“She’s so sweet, and she’s so polite,” doting mum Kim told Ellen about her two-year-old, so it’s safe to say North can cover manners with her baby brother.

The new bundle of joy won’t have to worry too much about what to wear either because his big sister might only be a toddler but she’s already a bona fide fashionista, who will no doubt be more than happy to pass on some style tips.

And when it comes to dealing with the press, again North West has it down pat.

“When there are those moments when I can’t really shield her [from the paparazzi] she does this mean angry Kanye face,” Kim told The Today Show.

By all accounts North will undoubtedly be the most loving sibling to her new brother – not only is she a great role model but she can do it all in Balenciaga.

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She’s the most well-connected two-year-old on the planet! No doubt North will tell her brother everything he needs to know about the who’s who of Hollywood.

Nori is a dancing Queen and will be able to teach her sibling all the best moves from the arabesque to the perfect pointe – while rocking Balmain of course.

He’ll have an express pass to the most enviable mini-squad on the planet. With the likes of Penelope and Mason Disik plus Zeplin Black as full time members, North West is already serving up some serious #squadgoals.

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North West tells the paparazzi no pictures

The toddler can show her baby brother how to cosy up to the most powerful grandmomager in Hollywood, Kris Jenner, so she’ll only take 5% of your earnings, instead of her usual 10%.

The new big sister can also pass on some tips on travelling in style… and if he’s lucky, baby West might be able to borrow some of his big sister’s chic Frozen luggage.

North West can teach him how to be the focus of attention, even at high-fashion events. Miss West is still not sorry about her infamous front-row tanty at Alexander Wang at New York Fashion Week earlier this year.

Kanye West might be the toughest man in the business, but he is wrapped around North’s little finger, so take note baby bro.

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the cutest video of North West and Kim Kardashian

If anybody knows how to handle the spotlight, it’s North West. She’s the go-to-gal for tips on how to charm the adoring fans, so you’re in good hands baby West.

If the new addition to the Kardashian-West brood has to have his older siblings’ hand-me-downs, at least he’ll know they’ll be designer.

Most importantly though, North can show her new sibling which of their kool aunties gives the best Christmas presents so he can begin schmoozing months in advance.

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