Transgender man gives birth to a beautiful baby boy

Dreams can come true...

After suffering a heartbreaking miscarriage last year, Trystan Reese and his husband, Biff Chaplow, are now the proud parents of a little boy, who they named Leo Murray.

Born on July 14, sweet little Leo is the apple of their fathers’ eyes, with the youngster being the first biological child the pair have had together (Trystan and Biff are already parents to two adopted children, a boy and a girl).

Trystan with his friend in Portland, Oregan.

This comes about because Trystan was born a girl, and despite starting hormone therapy 10 years ago, the 34-year-old stopped taking hormones and was able to conceive almost just like any woman would.

The first time the couple conceived, the pregnancy, tragically, only lasted a few weeks, making Biff particularly cautious to try again.

Trystan and Biff.

The happy couple welcomed their baby boy Leo into the world last month.

But when they did decide to try again, Trystan did fall pregnant, this time carrying Leo to full-term – a moment of sheer pride and happiness for Leo’s dad Biff, who was once sceptical about Trystan having a baby bioloigically out of fear for his husband’s public safety.

“The moment he was born was just like a pure moment of bliss, like the happiest moment of my life,” Biff toldFox19, according to the Daily Mail.

‘I thought I was giving up having a family – I didn’t even think of it as an option,’ Trystan explains to Buzzfeed.

“I didn’t ever dream of having, or wanting to have, a biological child. One, I didn’t think it would be possible, and two, it took a long time for me to be strong enough in my identity as a man to be able to do that.”

Congratulations to Trystan and Biff on their arrival of their son, Leo! We’re wishing all the happiness to Trystan, Biff and their growing family.

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