“What I wish I’d known about toddler feeding.”

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Some toddler feeding journeys are textbook. Others are not so easy. Here, parents share their unique feeding journeys to navigate everything from sensitive tummies to poor appetites and sounder sleep.

Low appetite toddlers

Mirella, mum to Francesca, 15 months, and Valentino, 5.

“Both of my children don’t eat a lot of food. It’s been a constant worry that they aren’t getting enough healthy vitamins and nutrients to grow. My 15-month-old, Francesca, tends to eat even less when she is unwell or teething, losing her appetite. She will, however, have milk, so there is reassurance that she’s getting some nourishment. It’s a part of her nightly bedtime routine, which is both a comforting ritual and helps her sleep through. Then she has milk in the morning and with her cereal, too. My son, Valentino, now five, also had a similar sleep and wake routine. Even now, he still has milk before bed each night as a part of his routine.” Mirella.

Daddy and daycare transitions

“I returned to work when my daughter was just over 14 months old, but was concerned about how she would go with her feeding and childcare transition. I introduced toddler milk, and found she settled more smoothly for her lunchtime nap if she had that first. As well as helping Evie settle, it removed some of the ‘return to work’ guilt for me, as I knew her daycare educators and my husband could manage her daily routine more independently.” Fiona, mum to Evie, 5 and Jake, 8.

Sweeter dreams

Will, dad to Jones, 18 months.

“Jones has had his sleep issues like most little ones, but when he turned one, we started giving him dream feeds, which really helped. Basically, we’d change his nappy at about 10pm, and then give him a toddler milk top up. He stopped waking at 3am and started sleeping through until 6am, which was a game changer for the whole family.” Will.

Letting go of guilt

Emily, mum to Harlowe, 3, and Sage, 1.

“I held a lot of burden with my first child – around what was the right thing to do when it came to feeding, social expectations etc. But by the time my second child came along I had learned to let go of guilt and do what is right for my children and our family.” Emily.

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