EXCLUSIVE: The good, the bad and in between, MAFS’ Cam Merchant opens up on being a dad

Oli has Cam wrapped around his finger!
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Parenting is not all “sunshine and rainbows” but Married At First Sight’s Cam Merchant confesses it has been one of the most “extraordinary” experiences to share with his wife Jules Robinson.

In an exclusive interview with Now To Love, Cam revealed that him and Jules are completely wrapped around his son, Oliver Chase Merchant’s little finger.

Island life was treating Oli perfectly!

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“I still sometimes pinch myself to be honest… to say I have a little one and I’m a father and it is the most incredible, beautiful experience yet challenging experience that I’ve ever come across,” he said.

“He’s got his mother and I wrapped around his little finger at the moment. I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon either.”

But he warned people to not be ‘fooled’ by Oliver’s adorable smile, “he is using it wisely.”

Such a cute family!

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Despite societal pressure to be perfect, Cam and Jules have championed being realistic and it only makes their beautiful family more loveable.

The former MAFS contestant said he wants fellow parent’s know “they’re not alone” and it is not all “sunshine and rainbows.”

“Parenting is f—— hard,” he said.

They are both very honest about parenting on social media.

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Despite the challenges, Cam recognises how formative this time can be for his nearly two-year-old son.

“Every morning we come into his room and sing a song, we open up his blinds, and sing ‘sunshine all around me’. We just smile and laugh and that’s really developed into his DNA, where he wakes up in the morning and he is smiling first thing,” he confessed.

Although it is very easy for children to consume their parent’s life, Cam revealed that the pair still make time for themselves whether it is relaxing or date night.

“We are both very open with each other when things are tough, when things are challenging”

Working hard in the kitchen!

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“We are getting better at giving each other time, date night or little celebrations with each other.”

But even during date night, the couple find themselves “talking about [Oli] for the next two hours.”

With Father’s Day just around the corner, Cam said the family will be doing their usual tradition of an intimate gathering with Oli’s grandad who lives nearby, and will be showered with his favourite chocolate coated nuts from Cadbury for the special occasion.

They will be continuing their Father’s Day tradition this year.

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“My father – who has an wonderful relationship with Oli – he just lives down the road so we just usually go for a picnic.”

“Every time he sees his grandfather, he smiles, and he has a really great bond.”

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