Meet Lisa Marie Presley’s youngest children, twins Harper and Finley Lockwood

They stay out of the spotlight.
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When Lisa Marie Presley tragically passed away in January 2023, her youngest children, twins Finley and Harper, were just 14-years-old.

But who are Harper and Finley? Meet the least-known grandchildren of Elvis Presley.

Lisa Marie Presley was married four times in her life, and shared children with two of her ex-husbands.

The daughter of Elvis wed musician Danny Keough in 1988, and the pair went on to welcome two children together. Riley Keough, who is now an actress and model, was born in 1989, and her younger brother Benjamin was born three years later in 1992. Heartbreakingly, Benjamin passed away at the age of 27 in 2020.

Lisa Marie then went on to have whirlwind marriages with both Michael Jackson and Nicholas Cage, before she married her guitarist and music producer, Michael Lockwood, in 2006.

The pair welcomed their twin daughters, Harper Vivienne Ann and Finley Aaron Love Lockwood on 7 October 2008, and the family lived harmoniously together until Lisa Marie filed for divorce in 2016.

The girls with their mother in 2014. (Image: Getty)

Who are Finley and Harper Lockwood?

Finley and Harper Lockwood are the youngest children of Lisa Marie Presley, and the only children of Michael Lockwood.

The twins maintain extremely private lives, and there is very limited information about them.

The girls made their red carpet debut in 2017 alongside their mother and older sister, Daisy Jones & The Six actress Riley, at the ELLE Women in Hollywood event.

Finley and Harper have made minimal public appearances since, including at the premiere of Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis film in June 2022, and have only been spotted a handful of times out-and-about.

According to insiders who spoke to OK Magazine, the teens “are very sensible, smart girls who mostly keep out of the spotlight. They’re in high school and focused on their studies.

“They are getting lots of attention from the family, talk about Lisa Marie a lot to keep her memory alive, and visit Graceland often,” the insider said, adding that Graceland is still the way Lisa Marie left it, “which is comforting to the girls.”

They made their red carpet debut in 2017. (Image: Getty)

How old are Lisa Marie’s twins?

As aforementioned, Lisa Marie’s youngest daughters were born on 7 October 2008, which means Harper and Finley are currently 15 years old.

There is quite a big age gap between her children, as Riley is 34 years old.

Are Lisa Marie’s twins identical?

Finley and Harper Lockwood are fraternal twins, but they do share some similar facial features.

Although the girls like to experiment with different hair styles and colours, which make them easy to tell apart, Finley and Harper do have very similar striking blue eyes.

Harper and Finley with Austin Butler at the premiere of Elvis in 2022. (Image: Getty)

Who is taking care of Lisa Marie’s twins?

Following her death in 2023, Lisa Marie Presley’s youngest children have stayed with their father Michael Lockwood.

In a statement to PEOPLE after Lisa Marie’s death, Michael said: “The most important thing to me at this time is to take care of my daughters, making sure they always feel safe and loved.

“Both of them have incredible spirit and they will carry our family’s legacy on for the rest of their lives.”

Michael now has full custody of Finley and Harper, but the twins also spend quite a bit of time with their grandmother, Priscilla Presley, and sister Riley Keough.

“The twins are spending a lot of time with Riley and Priscilla on the weekends,” a source exclusively told Us Weekly in September 2023. 

“They have always been close, but when Lisa Marie died the twins’ dad Michael took the twins full time because it was a big adjustment period for them.”

The source added: “Riley has been through it too so she’s helping [Harper and Finley]. She recently got them tickets to Taylor Swift and has taken them shopping.”

The Presley women together in 2022. (Image: Getty)

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