Priscilla Presley tells her own story of life with the legendary Elvis

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As one of the most influential performers in history, Elvis Presley, the King Of Rock ‘n’ Roll, is well known – but what about his Queen?

Often ignored or pushed aside by biographers, Priscilla Beaulieu remains a huge part of the Elvis story, influencing his personal and professional life, and as fascinating in her own right as her famous husband.

Jacob and Cailee take a moment outwhile shooting a rollerskating scene.


Written and directed by Sophia Coppola, who adapted the story from Priscilla’s memoir “Elvis and Me”, the film shows a woman who despite being caught up in the whirlwind of a megastar’s life, is determined to live her own.

First meeting Elvis (Played by Aussie Jacob Elordi) when he was stationed in Germany after World War II and she was just a teenage girl living on a military base with her Air Force officer father, it was love at first sight for both but a relationship that raised eyebrows from the start.

Priscilla and Elvis married in 1967, when she was 21.


“Just what is the intent here Mr Presley?” asks Priscilla’s stunned father when the 24-year-old star asks his 14-year-old daughter on a date.

“Well sir, I happen to be very fond of your daughter,” Elvis replies, hinting at the obsession that was to follow.

Cailee earned a Golden Globe nomination for her portrayal.


Lured to Memphis, Priscilla fell into Elvis’s rock and roll lifestyle, watching as the man she loved danced through fame, affairs and a growing drug dependency, ignoring all the red flags to marry him in 1967.

“I need a woman who understands that things like this might happen,” Elvis says, setting the stage for what would become their life of pretending everything was as perfect as The King’s publicists made them out to be.

Elvis tried to control what his wife wore, but she rebelled as she grew confident.


Together until his death in 1977, Priscilla’s life and story is a much-needed reality check for the Elvis myth – and with the real Priscilla Presley as executive producer, no doubt one based on real events.

Priscilla is currently available for viewing in cinemas in Australia, however, watch this space to discover which streaming platform Priscilla will be hitting.

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