Jana Pittman shares she’s struggling with “sleep deprivation” because of her twins

And the former Olympian has asked her fans for advice…
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Former Olympic runner Jana Pittman has bravely shared that she’s currently struggling with sleep deprivation thanks to her twins – and asked her fans for advice.

Taking to Instagram, Jana wrote, “I know I have an amazing life and should be a wealth of knowledge on kids since I have 6 of them but definitely keen for any tips and tricks!! I love my kids but simultaneous twin sleep issues is killing me!! Plus the new onset tantrums x 2 can drain the smiles away! They are 16 mths old and the worst sleepers I have had.”

“I used to call Willow ‘princess peach’ but her new name is ‘cranky crab’ 🦀and ‘Quinny Bear’ is now ‘midnight monster’ 😈,” she continued.

“I joke.. but sleep deprivation is real!! They will grow out of it in time and I know how privileged I am to have them when so many are struggling with infertility but gosh this is hard!!”

Jana is struggling with sleep deprivation because of her little ones!

(Image: Instagram)

Jana then shared that a lack of routine may be to blame for her twins not sleeping regularly before begging her followers to share some guidance.

“It doesn’t help I work a lot of nights so my little ones have different people caring for them (yes I am super lucky to have a great mum and awesome au pairs) but it means routine is hard.. So while I am managing.. I am no longer thriving!”

“Anything that works please share as I am sure I am not the only one on this roller coaster,” Jana concluded.

This isn’t the first time Jana has gotten candid regarding her twins. Earlier this year in February, she shared a post-partum update to her Instagram, almost a year since she welcomed twins into the world.

The 40 year old posted a series of unfiltered photos of her ”beautiful scars” and ”stretched skin” and wrote that she wanted to share the images because they ”spoke volumes” to her.

Jana regulalry shares candid posts. She spoke about self love in February of this year

(Image: Instagram)

”This body used to be ripped and lean, racing for Aus and against the world’s best. Fast forward 16 years, 6 kids later and this is where I am at. Yes, this is the heaviest I have ever been, yes my body wears the beautiful scars of motherhood, especially the stretched skin from the twins at 39 years old, but I am also heavy due to being time poor!!”

She went on to add: ”Many of my posts show this tough and crazy woman managing so many different facets of life but the reality is I have to make choices with my time and there has been very little left for me.”

Jana admitted the last 12 months have been ‘an emotional and stressful journey on several fronts which resulted in comfort eating here and there’ and she has now reached the same weight she was when she was ‘heavily pregnant’.

The Olympian continued: ”Regardless, this is me right now and while I am not exactly comfortable, I am so grateful for this body.”

“It has bravely taken me through so much and even though I don’t always honour it, it honours me. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Love the skin you are in.”

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