EXCLUSIVE: Candice Warner admits her seventh anniversary with David Warner didn’t go to plan

''There was no way at all to be able to celebrate.''
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Candice Warner never expected to celebrate her seventh wedding anniversary with husband David Warner stuck in a hotel room in India for 23 hours of the day, but that’s how it went down in April.

After missing out on being together for the day itself – David was in Mumbai with his cricket career while Candice was at home in Australia with their three daughters – the couple reunited for a family holiday.

But strict COVID-19 rules left them in a “really tight bubble” with the kids, so romantic celebrations were off the table.

Candice and David Warner with their three daughters in COVID-19 lockdown in Mumbai.

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“We were literally in our room and able to go to the swimming pool for an hour a day, and then back to the room,” she reveals, adding there was no privacy for “anything romantic”.

“There was no way at all to be able to celebrate anything without the kids knowing, but because we spend so much time apart just being together is always really special in itself.”

Instead, the couple, who had an anniversary dinner in Australia a few weeks prior, made the most of rare family time together with daughters Ivy Mae, Indi Rae, and Isla Rose.

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Candice tells Now To Love the long-haul trip to India with three kids left her “pulling [her] hair out at moments, especially after the first flight “didn’t go to plan”, but it was all worth it to see David.

The international cricket star is currently in Mumbai for a stint with the Delhi Capitals, meaning Candice and the girls have to endure long stretches at home without him.

Time apart makes the days and weeks they steal with him even more special, but after almost a decade of marriage and half as long with kids, the travel takes its toll.

“It is always hard saying goodbye, because then the reality is they’ve just got mum for the next month, two months,” Candice admits.

Candice admits it can be challenging to manage life at home while David’s away.

(Image: Instagram)

“I am the one that keeps the ship in order, it’s all about routine for me and David is the fun one. Whenever they spend time with their dad they get to stay up late, they get to have things that they normally wouldn’t.”

The devoted mum-of-three is “fine by that” but reveals it’s getting harder and harder for Ivy, Indi and Isla to say goodbye to their dad – and they’re not the only ones hurting.

“It does get hard for David because he loves spending time with the girls and he’s a real hands-on father,” she says.

“When he misses the school athletics carnival, or a birthday or anniversary, it does affect him. It’s not getting any easier, but we just learned to deal with it differently.”

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