9 Christmas trees that come pre-lit for utter convenience

Do away with tangles this year.

Like our headphones, our tech and even our bras, we prefer our Christmas trees to be wire free. What does that mean, exactly? Well, free of strands and strands of lights, of course.

Which is exactly why pre-lit Christmas trees – Christmas trees with built in lights – are our chosen pick during holiday decorating, as it’s more convenient, less time consuming, and easy to pack away come the new year.

Are pre-lit Christmas trees worth it?

If convenience is of utmost important to you and you’re willing to pay extra for a tree that’s ready to decorate out of the box, then pre-lit Christmas trees are certainly worth it.

On the other hand, if you value customisation, cost-efficiency, and the ability to easily replace lights, an unlit tree may be a better option. It all comes down to your personal preferences, budget, and approach to holiday decorating.

The best Christmas trees with lights in Australia

If pre-lit Christmas trees are what you’re looking for this year, then below we’ve rounded up some the best in Australia to have in your home.

aura home

LED Fir Christmas Tree, $189.95, Aura Home

This luxurious Fir Tree, pre-lit for your convenience, will add style and lustre to your home so that it looks its absolute best this festive season.


bed bath n table

Pop-Up Tree With 100 LED Lights, $129.99, Bed Bath N’ Table

Designed to last, this quality Christmas tree can be neatly stowed away and pulled out for decorating year after year, without having to worry about separate lights.



New Oregon Cashmere Pre-lit Christmas Tree, $319.20 (was $399), Myer

Have your home sparkling and looking perfect for the holiday season with this pre-lit Christmas tree from Myer, coming in at 180cm in size.



Jingle Jollys Christmas Tree, $216.95 (was $269.95), Amazon

Get ready to elevate your Christmas celebration to a whole new level of enchantment with the Jingle Jollys Christmas tree, just waiting for your favourite ornaments to shine.


temple and webster

Classic Pine Pre-Lit Christmas Tree, $249, Temple & Webster

Crafted from densely packed, realistic faux pine that is indistinguishable from the real thing, this tree is the ideal canvas for your baubles and ornaments.



Nordic LED Christmas Tree, $699.99, Adairs

This traditional, full bodied Christmas Tree with LED lighting will save you so much decorating time. Featuring 350 LED lights, it’s a great-looking low fuss way to celebrate the festive season.


pillow talk

Christmas Twinkle LED Tree, $112.46 (was $149.95), Pillow Talk

With bendable branches on a sturdy base and warm LED lighting, this tree will create instant decorating for your home.



White Forest Light Up Tree, $249, Freedom

Looking for something different this year? The White Forest Light Up tree adds a touch of modern elegance to your holiday décor.


big w

Prelit Snowy Alpine Christmas Tree, $159, Big W

This 228cm tree features a pre-lit design and is easy to assemble, which is perfect if you’re on a time crunch – because who isn’t?


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