Rapt to be wrapped: We found the best sustainable wrapping paper options in Australia, just in time for Christmas

Gifting is inevitable, waste is optional.

Being handed a wrapped-up present naturally elicits a feeling of excitement or anticipation, but as the world continues to wage a war against waste and pollution, sometimes, that feeling is laced with a nagging sense of guilt.

Wrapping paper is as traditional as putting up a tree on December 1. It’s something that’s been ingrained in our culture. It’s a birthday stalwart, and a Christmas constant.

But it’s doing absolutely nothing to help the environment.

When you think about it, it’s paper that we’re literally using for all of about three seconds (depending on how quick / keen you are at unwrapping). It then gets scrunched up and thrown into the bin.

It sounds ridiculous, and what’s even more so is the fact that every year, some 150,000 kilometres of wrapping paper is used by Australians over the Christmas period (according to a 2017 survey). Yep – that’s the stuff you see (and never use) for about three seconds – and enough of it to wrap the entire globe in paper around four times over.

Of course, present wrapping isn’t the sort of thing that’s just going to disappear. And while we’d love to bin the tradition altogether (no ironic pun intended), there’ll still be a lot of people who’ll be wrapping up gifts this Christmas.

Can you recycle wrapping paper?

Unfortunately not all wrapping paper is recyclable here in Australia, due to additions like dyes, glitter and other decorative elements used in the paper, this can prevent the technology from breaking it down effectively.

It’s wrapping season.

(Image: Bespoke Letterpress)

Where can I find sustainable wrapping paper in Australia?

However, if you are like us and wanting to reduce your waste this Christmas the good news is there are an array of eco-friendly options to wrap your carefully thought out gifts and still feel that festive Christmas spirit.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite options available to show you exactly where to find them.

Bespoke Letterpress

Embrace the spirit of the season and make a statement with eco-friendly Christmas gift wrap rolls that combine beauty with a greener future via Bespoke Letterpress.

It’s Australia’s foremost design and stationery brand that boasts a collection of Christmas Gift Wrap rolls that are not only stunning but also fully recyclable.

The foil used on the gift wrap rolls and other products is incredibly thin and disperses during the recycling process, making it a responsible choice.



Hardtofind is not just your go-to location for unique and innovative gift ideas come the giving season. The site also stocks a wide array of boutique sellers who create adorable stationary, including wrapping paper, that will look perfect under the tree.

Brands like ITHIKA Gifts + Lifestyle use high-quality recycled paper and vegetable dyes which means they don’t release harmful chemicals on break down.

Not only is their paper eco-friendly but the stunning prints will be the talk of Christmas morning.



Biome was founded with the intention of creating zero waste, vegan and accessible products to find eco-friendly solutions to every day issues.

From beauty and fashion to products around the home, Biome also stock a range of green wrapping options from brand Earth Greetings.

With myriad prints including the adorable Aussie-inspired Lorikeets & Lilly Pilly design, its papers are made from 100 per cent post consumer recycled paper and vegetable based inks.



Shop from local Australian sellers and treat your loved ones to some truly festive wrapping paper that are as thoughtfully wrapped as the gifts inside.

Sellers like Shiloh & Ellery create eco cards, art prints and compostable wrap bundles including these to die for sheets in a range of patterns.

Other boutiques like LOKTAA‘s handmade paper is not only made sustainably but also helps fund children’s education in Nepal.



Amazon hosts a wide range of retailers who are offering eco-friendly wrapping paper rolls, like Hallmark.

Crafted from high-quality paper materials, Hallmark’s eco-friendly wrapping paper is made with paper from well-managed forests and can be recycled.

Available in brown kraft paper, these rolls feature simple yet festive holiday designs in white, including Christmas trees, deer antlers and snowflakes.


Reuse your old wrapping paper

It sounds simple, but really, why don’t more people do this?

If, in the instance you’re given gifts wrapped up in paper this year, we implore you do one very simple thing: Keep it.

Stock it away for the next time you’re giving a gift to someone – that one small act can save buying a new roll unnecessarily down the track.

And with the above wrapping papers they’ll want to use them time and time again!

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