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Engagements, babies and a wildly successful podcast: How The Bachelor runners-up have risen from the ashes of heartbreak

So they didn't get a rose... But boy, have they come a long way since their Bachie days.
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In the coming weeks, Australia is going to fall head over heels for our newest Bachelor, Locky Gilbert.

And while it remains to be seen as to which of the stunning line up of women will eventually capture his heart, there’s no denying there’s some serious competition in the mix.

Locky is set to light up our screens over the coming weeks.

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Every season of The Bachelor Australia is different and you can never truly foresee what will happen.

But there is one thing you can count on (other than Osher having gosh-damn perfect hair):

One unlucky lady will truly feel the pain of heartbreak when she becomes the Bachelor‘s runner-up. Yep, it’s the cursed title no one wants, but someone has to have.

^We learned from Heather Maltman that coming third isn’t much better!

It’s a position no one wants to be in, but looking back at some of the past girls who’ve lost out to love – it turns out it was for the very best.

As we countdown to The Bachelor 2020, let’s take a trip down memory lane and visit all the runner-ups from previous seasons of The Bachelor and see where they are now.

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The Bachelor Season 1: Rochelle Emmanuel-Smith

Rochelle with Tim Robards.

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Rochelle Emanuel-Smith was so close to being Tim Robard’s partner, but in the end he picked his now-wife Anna Heinrich.

Being the very first runner-up was no easy feat for Rochelle, who admitted she was “crushed.”

“I was heartbroken about Tim, but I was like ‘it’s a guy, I can get over that’. But I was heartbroken about the situation that I got myself into and how harsh the reality of a reality show can really be,” she said of the brutal public dumping.

WATCH: Tim explains why he rejected Rochelle. Post continues…

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But the Rochelle holds no hard feelings – in fact, she’s overjoyed that Tim and Anna have since tied the knot.

“It’s super exciting,” she told Woman’s Day.

“There will always be a mutual respect and support there between the three of us.”

According to her Instagram, Rochelle keeps busy by being a model and actress, promoting her vegan lifestyle and she’s also a cruelty-free spokesperson and a yoga guru.

She also looks to be loved up herself these days, often sharing selfies with her new bf. Alls well that ends well!

The Bachelor season 2: Lisa Hyde

Lisa with her OG ex, Blake Garvey.

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Lisa Hyde has really gone through the ringer when it comes to finding love on TV.

She first became a household name as season two’s fan favourite, hoping to win over Blake Garvey.

Turns out she and winner Sam Frost weren’t on Blake’s love menu after he ditched them both for second-runner up, Louise Pillidge.

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After spending years out of the spotlight, focusing on her fashion career, Lisa decided to try her hand at love for a second time with Bachelorette reject Luke McLeod.

The duo were completely smitten from the moment they laid eyes on each other during Bachelor In Paradise.

Sadly, things didn’t work out as you’ll see below…

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Lisa and Luke parted ways following claims the George Clooney look-alike cheated.

“Unfortunately the trust was lost, and I respect myself a little bit too much to let somebody walk all over me like that, so we separated,” she told us following her exit on BiP.

Given the outcome from both shows, we asked what she preferred.

“I think I’m going to go with the Bachelor.”

“Look, on both shows I met a douche bag – so what do you go with? Go with the extravagant dates!”

Since her split from Luke, Lisa looks blissful as a new mum to a gorgeous baby girl Myja-Jae alongside her partner Damon Collina.

She is also working hard on her chic sunglasses brand Shevoke.

Another happily ever after!

The Bachelor season 3: Lana Jeavons-Fellows

Lana and Sam weren’t meant to be but the nation was convinced he was going to pick her.

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Lana Jeavons-Fellows was the breathtaking intruder who captured Sam Wood’s heart at the very last minute on season three of The Bachelor in 2015.

In fact, Australia was convinced she would win, but in the end he couldn’t deny his feelings for his parmigiana-turned-fiancée-and-baby-mama, Snezana Markoski.

Lana was devastated.

In fact, the Sydney local admitted she turned to drinking as a way to cope with the stress.

“After the show I was going out a lot, drinking a lot with girlfriends and that can get you into a negative headspace,” she told the Telegraph.

“It took me a while to get back to normal, it took me a good year to get back to feeling good.”

WATCH BELOW: Lana bursts into tears live on TV. Story continues after video.

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These days, Lana looks to be loving life with her boyfriend Jake Meah.

“Life is lovely at the moment,” she said previously in an interview.

Lana was pictured with her boyfriend Jake late last year.


The Bachelor Season 4: Nikki Gogan

Nikki was runner up in Richie’s season.

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Sweet angel Nikki Gogan burst onto our screens and directly into our hearts in 2016 on Richie Strahan’s season.

He infamously decided to leave with Alex Nation, leaving the darling blonde heartbroken.

“Everyone goes through breakups. It’s just that mine was more public,” the Perth beauty told us following the finale:

She added: “But in everyday life I wouldn’t say my heartbreak was worse than anyone’s, so I just try and get on with it.”

WATCH BELOW: Nikki talks about her breakup with Richie. Story continues after video.

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Four years on, Nikki is officially off the market.

The reality star announced her engagement to her boyfriend Bill Coe alongside a black-and-white photo showing the Bachie beauty embracing the tall, dark and handsome man.

“Happy Birthday to meeee I’ve had the best day (following the best weekend at #crownmetropolperth).”

“Believe me when I say that I am the luckiest girl in the entire world. I am surrounded and loved by the most incredible people and I am so so grateful (I haven’t had the opportunity to respond to you all yet but I will!). This has been the best Birthday ever and this man is a major part of that #taken.”


Nikki is head over heels for her fiancee, Bill.


The Bachelor Season 5: Elise Stacy

Elise Stacey was shattered when Matty J left her for Laura.

(Network Ten)

The former Olympian was left heartbroken when Matty J didn’t reciprocate her love, telling us at the time: “I had everything on the line and it’s really sickening!”

Elise Stacy was the Hockeyroo who scored goals all the way to the final two but in the end, MJ was set on one lady: Laura Byrne.

The Perth beauty never saw the rejection coming, but she doesn’t regret a thing.

“I feel really lucky to have met someone I genuinely love and I could see a really good future with,” she said.

“It’s not often you find that and I feel grateful for it.

“And ultimately, even though I am in love with him, you want someone that loves you back.”

WATCH BELOW: Elise is rejected on The Bachelor. Story continues after video.

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Watching the show back was incredibly hard for Elise, who had even relocated to Sydney at the prospect of being with Georgia Love’s former beau.

But everything happens for a reason and Elise has since found love with the son of former Adelaide United coach John Kosmina, Justin.

“2018 has started off as the best one yet. Even found one who laughs at my jokes more than I laugh at them myself,” Elise announced on Instagram.

And the pair seem to be completely smitten!

Season six: Brittany Hockley

Brittany vied for the Honey Badger’s heart in 2018… to no avail.

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In the twist of all twists, The Bachelor‘s 2018 season ended with the explosive decision from Nick Cummins, AKA the Honey Badger, that he would pick no one in the finale.

Britt was understandably devastated – though her realisation along with fellow runner up Sophie Tieman was a sight to behold as the two stunning woman’s shock was broadcast to the nation.

Since that fateful day, Britt has proved her independence is not to be taken for granted – especially after she and another Bachie alumni, Laura Byrne started the Life Uncut podcast.

Britt speaks candidly of her single life on the show, addressing common misconceptions and overall proving that women the country over are more than enough on their own.

But in saying that, Britt’s heart is still well and truly open for love.

In 2020, she appeared on season three of Bachelor in Paradise, striking up a romance with the unlikely larrikin Timm Hanly.

As for whether their relationship goes the distance remains to be seen – but one thing’s for sure – Britt knows what she wants these days.

And it remains to be said: The palava of Nick Cummins’ season at least gave her an indication of what she doesn’t want.

Britt and Bachelorette runner-up Timm Hanly struck up a romance on the 2020 season of Bachelor in Paradise.

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Season six: Sophie Tieman

Sophie was also left heartbroken when Nick failed to choose anyone in the Bachie finale.

(Network Ten)

Like Britt, Sophie was gobsmacked when she was pipped at the post by, well, no one in the 2018 finale.

But also like Britt, the stunning Sydney-sider kept her head held high and quickly moved on.

With a bachelor in business property, Sophie continues to excel in her career alongside a new squeeze. While she’s very private about her beau, she has shared some sweet images of him to her Instagram page.

They make quite the cute couple!

Sophie and her new boyfriendlook more loved up than ever.


Season seven: Abbie Chatfield

Abbie featured on Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor.

(Network Ten)

Abbie quickly became the “Gemini girl” for her comic comment when 2019 Bachelor Matt Agnew told her he was an astrophysicist.

But since that fateful first meeting, the brave 25-year-old has asserted herself as a female force to be reckoned with.

While she failed to ultimately win Matt’s heart in the season finale (Chelsea McLeod instead took the final rose), Abbie has made it her mission to speak up and out for a number of female-first causes, as well as advocating for body positivity.

Yep, you won’t get more real than Abbie, who frequently updates her Instagram with pictures of the ‘real’ her, showing off all her curves and bumps in all their glory.

“CELLU-LIT!!!!” She penned back in June.

“Was watching the video clip for Juicy a few nights ago and was mesmerised af at a woman in a video clip with wobbly cellulite covered legs. I’ve never had a huge issue with my cellulite, I think that’s a testament to my mum calling them ‘bottom dimples’ growing up in a loving way, rather than ever criticising herself or my sister and me about any little bumps on our legs,” she added.

Abbie joined Britt on Bachelor in Paradise in 2020, where she had another go at finding love.

But again, she was second time unlucky, failing to receive a rose in the first ceremony and packing her bags after the second episode.

That said, she was hardly put out.

In fact, she later told WHO in an interview that she’s ready for round three… on The Bachelorette.

“I think it works really well and there are some really good success stories from it,” she explained.

“I think it would be fun but I think I need a year or two off. I’m only 25 – I think the right age for it would be late twenties like Angie Kent, even though she and Carlin broke up which is really sad.”

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