Bachelor in Paradise

A very important investigation inside the whirlwind romance between Brittany and Timm on Bachelor in Paradise

Opposites attract?

By Jess Pullar
When the first teaser trailer for Bachelor in Paradise dropped, you could safely say Australia was pumped.
We had our very first look at what we could expect from the brand new season - and there was one surprise couple who had us basically begging Channel 10 to drop the episodes immediately.
As the season played out, audiences were faced with a confronting cocktail of explosive dinner parties, cheating revelations and more switcheroos than we care to dwell on (we're looking at you Ciarran).
But refreshingly, Timm Hanly and Brittany Hockley's blossoming relationship was beautifully pure.
As soon as Britt rocked up to the Paradise location, Timm was smitten.
"She's so hot!" Timm gushed as the stunning 32-year-old entered stage left.
He declared to the cameras: "Britt is absolutely gorgeous, so well spoken, those piercing blue eyes... ooft."
Timm was rather taken by Britt's piercing blue eyes. (Network Ten)
Brittany, on the other hand, was a little hesitant at first.
"Timm in no way is my type. Never ever have I dated anyone like him," she said to the camera.
But it seemed that in the case of these two, opposites really did attract.
"He really took me by surprise, there's something about him that I want to get to know more," Britt said.
The Paradise pairing could bring new meaning to the phrase 'opposites attract'. (Network Ten)
Throughout the season, the pair did get to know each other more, if you get our drift.
A bubble bath, plenty of make out sessions and that sweet forehead kiss was just the beginning.
Bit cute, guys. (Network Ten)

So are Timm and Brittany still together after Bachelor in Paradise?

We're afraid to say, that's a hard no.
Britt and Timm left Paradise together. "I wanna leave with you, and I wanna try a relationship on the outside," Timm declared, and Britt added, "I wanna be with Timm and it doesn't matter where." But their relationship did not work out in the outside world.
"It was a bit unfortunate, he was just a different person to when he was on the show. When he was on the show he really wanted a relationship was was so lovely and kind," Britt told Now To Love.
"But when we left, I only saw him once for a couple of days and he just didn't want a relationship. I think he just wanted to be free and he was unprepared to be thrown into the spotlight like he was.
"So yeah, basically he ghosted me for the last eight months [since filming wrapped]. He treated me poorly when I think about it, but I hold no grudges.
"He's in love now, so I just want the best for him."
Yup, Timm has already moved on!
Britt is of course referring to those pictures obtained by the Daily Mail of Timm looking quite cosy with a mystery brunette in July.
In the photos, Timm and the woman sit closely together and even share a cheeky kiss on the cheek, seven months after filming for the show wrapped.
It's believed the pair have been in an on-and-off relationship for about seven years, and are still together.

But what about all those sneaky clues that hinted they were still a thing?

We know, this is all very confusing.
First of all, there were the sunflowers.
When the premiere episode aired, Britt had the ultimate viewing party alongside her fellow Bachie pal Laura Byrne. She certainly made sure everyone following her on Instagram knew it - sharing a series of updates throughout the evening.
But there was one particular snap eagle-eyed fans picked up on, including fan account @BachieFunny - and it dropped a major hint about her potential relationship with Timm.
Cop a load of this... (Instagram / @bachiefunny)
Sitting next to a bunch of sunflowers, Britt wrote: "What a night. With everything happening in the world right now, it was nice to forget for a hot second and just have a good old belly laugh."
Then, she sneakily added: "Lucky to have such great people in my life."
Now lets just take a moment to take in the fact that out of all the flowers she could have chosen to make such a sentimental statement next to, the choice of those particular bright yellow florals is very interesting.
That's because Timm Hanly is renowned for, loved for and downright doted over for his love of sunflowers, which he made known back in Angie's season.
But as Britt later revealed, those sunflowers were actually a gift from her girlfriends as a joke - and she had no idea they were even Timm's "thing"!
"I didn't even realise! I didn't watch Timm's season of The Bachelorette as it aired right when I was about to film Paradise, so I hadn't known they were his thing," she told Now To Love.
"It wasn't until I put the story up and my inbox started flooding with messages. I'd invited my friends around to watch [the premiere] and they bought them for me - I think as a joke, they assumed I knew the meaning!"
Sunflowers are totally Timm's thing. (Instagram / @bachiefunny)
During the entire series, fans were glues to their respective Instagram accounts for any hints about their relationship.
Brittany's Instagram profile has remained a blissful bachelorette's dream - with selfies, decor and style being defining feats to her feed.
The fact that there was no obvious boyfriend present in the pics hinted at good news for the fate of her and Timm's relationship - but it seems it was all for show.
Brittany's Instagram feed is currently a boy-free zone, but will it be for long? (Instagram / @Brittany_hockley)
As for Timm's feed, we've got the same vibe from a bachelor's perspective, with the 27-year-old posting pics with his male mates, along with some humorous videos and a couple of modelling shots in there for good measure.
And he was careful not to post any photos of his rumoured girlfriend.
In the past, a sure fire way to know if any couple are together is by seeing if they've given each other the old follow or unfollow on Instagram.
But interestingly, neither Brittany nor Timm follow the other on Instagram.
Timm's feed doesn't suggest that he's got anyone else romantically lurking in his life... (Instagram / @timmhanly)
Of course, we had to double check to see if either of them follow other Paradise contestants - which they do for some - Britt follows fellow cast mates Jamie Doran and Ciarran Stott, while Timm follows the lovely Mary Viturino and Helena Sauzier.
Clearly, these two are well and truly ov-ah!
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