Bachelor in Paradise

There's a lot more than meets the eye to Jessica Brody, the tattooed new love interest who's captured Ciarran's attention on Bachelor in Paradise

One to watch.

By Jess Pullar
If there is one thing Bachelor in Paradise can be relied upon for, it's bringing some sizzling drama to our screens.
The premiere all but told us the season ahead would be explosive, and early doors intruder Jessica Brody is sure as heck exhibit A, B and C.
In case you missed it, the premiere episode of Bachelor in Paradise quickly established Mancunian Ciarran Stott as the season's most desirable bloke.
Yep, this long haired, tatted up 25-year-old was already raking up attention faster than he can down a mango daiquiri - no small feat.
Both Abbie Chatfield and Cassandra Mamone were rather taken with Ciarran, with a love triangle quickly forming.
But by the looks of things, they both have some major, smoking hot competition coming their way as newcomer Jessica Brody makes her entrance.
For obvious reasons, we had to find out more about this brunette bombshell.
A stunning brunette by the name of Jessica Brody made an entrance to remember. (Network Ten)

Who is Bachelor in Paradise's Jessica Brody?

Jessica Brody, 30, reigned from Matt Agnew's season on The Bachelor in 2019.
And if you thought you knew her from somewhere, you probably did - already boasting a whopping 257,000 followers on Instagram, the tattooed beauty is ready to tackle the show with gusto (read: steal your man, Abbie and Cass), and she's not holding back.
Jessica is ready to cause a bit of ruckus amongst the Island's pairings. (Network Ten)
Telling the cameras, "I'm gonna go for what I want, so yeah, people should be concerned," Jessica's exterior exudes confidence like no other.
And clearly, it makes an impression on Ciarran.
"Jess is so sexy," Ciarran says.
"She's got the body, the tatts - I'm liking it."
Ciarran is quickly taken with Jessica. (Network Ten)
So will this be second time lucky for Jess?
In Matt Agnew's season, she was eliminated early doors after she went rose-less in episode three.
It looks like this time she might be sticking around a little longer though...
Sips tea / daiquiri (Network Ten)
Jessica already has quite the past - formerly a model (perhaps why she's garnered such a strong following already), she's got a loyal following backing her as she enters the show.
She's also dated famous Aussie bachelor (who recently went public with his own rather cute new relationship, mind), Tommy Little.
Speaking about the rumoured romance with The Project star, Jess reluctantly admitted, "We have met [in person] a couple of times but, yeah, it's not anything too serious... we have shared a couple of wines."

Reigning from Melbourne, Australia, she currently looks to be holing up at home in lockdown for the time being, though we're sure she'll be one to get out and about on the partying scene in non-COVID times.
Oh, and it looks as though she's already formed a bit of a friendship with Cass - she shared a Happy Birthday message to her Paradise co-star on Instagram in July.
So no love lost when it comes to Ciarran then? Sisters before misters and all that.
Jessica shared this image of herself and Cass for her birthday. (Instagram / @jessica_brody)

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