Lurking for days: Here's exactly where to find every Bachelor in Paradise star on Instagram

Thirst central.

By Jess Pullar
What's better than the good old-fashioned guilty pleasure binge of Bachelor in Paradise, you ask? Only a good old-fashioned deep dive into every Bachelor in Paradise star's Instagram account.
While the show itself is set to bring us a plethora of drama this season, the Instagram accounts of each cast member are a whole other ball game when it comes to sussing out who's legit about finding love, and who's doing it for, er, other reasons.
Yep, the platform provides us with insights into the lives of the bather-clad bunch - including their off-screen shenanigans, their other pals, and their general lifestyles.
Oh, and don't even get us started on their "following" list. It's a rookie's guide to figuring out who they're actually dating at any given time.
This year's season is set to be more explosive than ever, with a cast list like this one! -
So without further ado, let the stalking begin.
Keep scrolling and prepare to expand your following list - here's exactly where to find every Bachelor in Paradise cast member on Instagram.

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