Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise star Britt explains the truth behind those mysterious sunflowers that had fans convinced she ended up with Timm

The ''cryptic'' clue sent fans into meltdown.

By Jess Pullar
Brittany Hockley is feeling a complete sense of relief right now.
As her final moment on Bachelor in Paradise aired on Monday evening, the two-time reality star was well and truly ready to hang up her gloves.
"I just feel utter relief that that's over," she tells Now To Love, now safely nestled back home in Sydney's Bondi.
"That felt like the longest season ever."
Perhaps that was because Britt was subjected to a rather unexpected narrative during her stint on Bachelor in Paradise.
As we're already well familiar with by now, Britt has brought a breath of fresh air to the reality TV scene. There's a distinct lack of drama where she's concerned. Instead, she's a relatable, grounded and balanced 30-something with a lot of love to give.
And that, she certainly gave - though to someone no one saw coming.
Britt brought a refreshing element to the typical dramatic nature of Bachelor in Paradise. (Network Ten)
Enter one Timm Hanly, loveable larrikin and fellow runner-up from Angie's 2019 season of The Bachelorette.
The world was left heartbroken for the 27-year-old when the blonde Queenslander eventually gave her final rose to Carlin Sterrit.
But Timm wasn't one to let the world get him down. Bouncing back on Bachie in Paradise, he single-handedly landed himself the catch of the century in Britt.
Over the course of the season, we saw the pair's romance flourish in the best way.
While some of the explosive spats between the men of the show took up far too much air time, we could luckily always rely on the odd loved-up scene to remind us that Britt and Timm were our serendipitous dream team to come from the reality show.
Frankly, these two were reality OTPs. (Network Ten)
As the show went to air seven months after filming wrapped in Fiji, fans sought out, talked about and clung to any mention of the pair still being together.
And on the premiere night, it seemed our answer was laid bare before us.
Britt popped up an Instagram story from her home, where she'd hosted a watching party with some close friends. And lo and behold, there in the background sat a bunch of sunflowers - a clue that seemed innocent to the naked eye, but was full of symbolism to any hardcore Bachie-fan.
Sunflowers were Timm's thing - that much was clear from his very first foray into the Bachelorette when he presented Angie with a bunch of the bright flowers.
This had to mean he and Britt were still going strong then, right? Well... not exactly.
It soon became clear that Britt and Timm most likely weren't together when pictures of him with his on-again-off-again partner of seven years cropped up.
So why, why play with our cold dead hearts with those cryptic sunflowers, Britt?
We spoke to her on the morning after their fateful final episode - and her answer actually makes a lot of sense.
WATCH: See the first moment fans were alerted to Timm and Britt's romance. Interview commences below video...
Now To Love: Britt! Let's get right into it - your relationship with Timm took literally everyone by surprise - yourself included - what was it about him that initially sparked your interest?
Britt: Well, he's someone that I would never have dated in the past. But it was kind of the same thing I had with Nick. I wanted someone that's completely apologetically themselves, and someone who makes me laugh and who I know will make me feel good and pick up a mood.
Timm had me in hysterics and always has such a good energy.
So what actually happened when you left Paradise?
It was a bit unfortunate, he was just a different person to when he was on the show. When he was on the show he really wanted a relationship was was so lovely and kind.
But when we left I only saw him once for a couple of days and he just didn't want a relationship. I think he just wanted to be free and he was unprepared to be thrown into the spotlight like he was.
So yeah, basically he ghosted me for the last eight months [since filming wrapped]. He treated me poorly when I think abut it, but I hold no grudges.
He's in love now, so I just want the best for him.
Britt and Timm's whirlwind romance took everyone - including them - by surprise. (Network Ten)
What about those sunflowers?! The internet lost it when they popped up in your Instagram story - what was the story behind them given they weren't a clue about yours and Timm's relationship?
[Laughs], I didn't even realise! I didn't watch Timm's season of The Bachelorette as it aired right when I was about to film Paradise, so I hadn't known they were his thing. It wasn't until I put the story up and my inbox started flooding with messages. I'd invited my friends around to watch [the premiere] and they bought them for me - I think as a joke, they assumed I knew the meaning!
Timm also shared an Instagram apology a couple of days ago in response to people labelling him and Ciarran's behaviour on the show as misogynistic. Do you think that was genuine?
Look [the behaviour on the show] was definitely toxic masculinity. And I'm not saying that wasn't bad, but Timm was beating himself up about it [during filming]. He was really unhappy with his behaviour.
Timm has hasn't been brought up to treat women like that, and I don't think he was thinking about what he was saying.
But it was definitely unacceptable and hypocritical - and definitely toxic behaviour - but the fact they have since realised that is important.
Are there any other behind-the-scenes insights you have that didn't make it to air?
I'm a bit disappointed at the lack of showing the real relationships – there were so many beautiful moments between some of the couples but think it was really overshadowed by the boys' behaviour.
Anything else you want to add?
I do really love that the idea of women supporting women has been a big thing on the show - the women really dealt with a lot, so I think it was great to see them all supporting each other.

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