Bachelor in Paradise

Behold, Ciarran Stott's sensational fall from grace is truly satisfying to watch as fans blast his behaviour on Bachelor in Paradise

For real, is there anyone this guy hasn't hooked up with...

By Jess Pullar
When The Bachelorette aired on our screens last year, Australia fell in love with exactly two men - Timm Hanley and Ciarran Stott.
The former is currently holding his ground as the trademark lovable larrakin of the franchise as he now takes on Bachelor In Paradise (for the love of all things good please let him and Britt make it to the end).
As for our mate Ciarran? Well... let's just say our perspective is a little different.
Perhaps we should have read more into the tatted-up Mancunian's arrival in Paradise - wearing precisely no clothes, with a bunch of grapes covering his nether regions, the foreshadowing was loud and clear - this guy was here for one thing only.
Operation hook-up-with-as-many-girls-as-humanely-possible began.
First, there was that intimate chat with Cass, who, incidentally, is good friends with Ciarran's ex-girlfriend Renee. Within hours of the chat, he then plonked himself in Abbie's bed for the night, sparking our first love triangle of the season.
Then, Renee actually showed up - opening up a whole can of worms on how their relationship ended.
Jess was next - and thus commenced several episodes of what we can only describe as face-sucking warfare. Honestly, these two couldn't seem to dislodge themselves from each other.
Are you keeping up? We won't judge if you're not.
Ciarran and Jess seemed to temporarily spout magnetic forces between themselves. It's the only explanation. (Network Ten)
And if your perfect, heart-warming, want-to-pinch-his-cheeks impression of Ciarran was still hanging by a thread after all of that palava - last night's episode was a sure fire hook, line and sinker for the bloke.
Because in came Kiki Morris. New blood and a new target for the resident debauchee Ciarran.
Within moments of Kiki entering the mansion, Ciarran and Jess' situationship was toast.
Yep, after days of being joined at the hip with the fellow tatted-up beauty (who rocks a baker boy hat like a pro, might we add), Ciarran dropped her just like that.
And just like that, Jess was dropped. (Network Ten)
Look, we get that the show is about finding love and tossing up all your options, but dumping Jess like the last few days of face-hockey meant nothing was pretty mean.
And the Australian public tended to agree.
We rounded up the best reactions to the sensational fall from grace that belongs to the one and only, Ciarran Stott.
And finally, we'll leave you with a video that sums up this kind of behaviour to perfection - courtesy of the pro sleuth @BachieFunny.

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