Bachelor in Paradise

"Lucius Malfoy got lit in iso": The most hilarious reactions to the Bachelor in Paradise premiere are guaranteed to make you laugh

Aaaand they're off.

By Jess Pullar
Isolation has brought us a bunch of unexpected anecdotes.
From Tiger King, to banana bread-gate (a phrase we never thought we'd utter), there's been a bunch of rogue trends that've got us chatting, reposting and, at times replicating.
The latest of these? Why, only the next hyped-up reality TV show - Bachelor in Paradise.
Last night, the third season of the show premiered on Channel Ten in front of the Aussie masses with the first castmates arriving in island paradise Fiji.
Set for several weeks of fraternising, flirting and, of course, drama, the contestants looked blissfully fresh-faced and doe-eyed as they each made their grand entrances.
Of course, we've already become well acquainted with the Paradise lot in years gone by given each cast member has appeared in previous seasons of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette (or even Bachie in Paradise).
If you can name them all... you're a Bachie genius. (Network Ten)
But that's not to say the familiar bunch don't continue to surprise us with some of their, er, antics.
Like anything trending these days, Twitter is usually awash with some quality content about whatever ~dramz~ is going down on TV each night.
And incidentally, Bachie in Paradise provides a haven for memes, sattire and some good old-fashion commentary (largely un-PC, of course).
Last night's show did not disappoint - so we brought the very best reactions into one place.
Keep scrolling for the best tweets from last night's Bachie premiere.
The Harry Potter reference no one asked for... but kinda weren't surprised about. This is Ciarran after all.
And because it's Ciarran, it appears no one's going to complain about it. Not even Coles staff...
As for the below... well... they have a point.
And then there was Jamie's big return.
As for Abbie, well the below pretty much sums it up.
Edit: Is she ~Perfect~, or just everyone of us?
Then we had the head spinner that was Cass and her very unclear interest in Ciarran.
This one's a little harsh...
And we can't forget the two underdogs of the season - Glenn and Jamie.
Imagine a plot twist where they hooked up and found love... one can dream.

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