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Bachelor in... strife? A love triangle no one saw coming has been teased in the new Bachelor in Paradise trailer

Does this mean what we think it means?

By Alex Lilly
Jamie Doran may have been a stage five clinger on Angie Kent's season of The Bachelorette but it appears his new stint on Bachelor in Paradise may prove to be a little different.
In fact, so different is round two for Jamie that it looks like not one, but two girls have caught his eye in the new season.
In the latest trailer, it's revealed that three couples fall in love this season with "more real romance than ever before" and it looks like Jamie is head over heels once again.
The clip shows Jamie on a single date with Helena Sauzier, who starred on Matt Agnew's season of The Bachelor, but he's also taken with a mystery brunette who could be Brittney Weldon, Brittany Hockley or Jessica Brody - who is suspected to be an intruder.
"If I didn't already have butterflies in my stomach, they were flying out in all directions at this point," Jamie says in the trailer after the mystery brunette enters the resort.
Seeing as he was dishing out rose offers left, right and centre in a previous trailer, we suspect the season five Bachelorette contestant will have some ups and downs on his road to love.
Who has captured Jamie's attention? (Network Ten)
Jamie also teased the possibility of a romance with Helena on the official Bachelor in Paradise Instagram page in the comments section.
The firefighter commented on the new trailer with a trio of butterfly emojis to which Jessica Brody cheekily replied, "Who's that about mate?"
Helena herself then commented, "Bloody swarm of butterflies at the rate you're throwing out the feels," to which Jamie replied, "Bring your net!"
Jamie and Helena recently shared a sweet selfie to their Instagram Stories hinting that their relationship could unfold on the upcoming season of Paradise.
Sparks are flying left, right and centre... (Network Ten)
It's also suspected that Jake Ellis, who starred on the first season of Bachelor in Paradise, is one of the other contestants to find love on the show.
At the end of the trailer, one male contestant says, "From the second she walked in, I was in love with her" and fans suspect it's Jake who even commented on the trailer with a pair of eyes emoji and a rose emoji.
"That's your voice!" one observant fan wrote, tagging Jake.
When Jake replied with a telling zipped mouth emoji, the commenter replied "Hmmm say hi to Helena! Lol."
Could it be a love square between Jake, Jamie, Helena and another girl?
What are we getting ourselves in for? (Network Ten)
The trailer also featured the clip of a glittering ring (most likely a commitment ring as opposed to an engagement one) being placed on a female contestant's finger.
Eagle-eyed viewers reckon the female in question is Cassandra Mamone from Matt Agnew's season, as she is the only contestant who's been spotted wearing red nail polish.
"Cass has red nail polish on! It's her for sure," one viewer penned.
"Yep, correct! You can see her wearing it in another trailer," a second noted.
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