The Bachelor Australia

The Bachelor's Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich: Their love story in pictures

In honour of their upcoming wedding, we take a look at their journey from rose to ring.

By Alex Lilly
In just days, Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich, who met on The Bachelor Australia's first season, will tie the knot and we can hardly wait!
But a lot has happened since Anna stepped out of that limo at the mansion in 2013. Back then, Tim was just a 30 year-old chiropractor dating 25 women at once and Anna was a 26-year-old criminal lawyer who'd never had a serious relationship.
Now they're social media superstars and about to become Australia's first Mr and Mrs Bachie, times have certainly changed!
Take a look back at Tim and Anna's road to romance and how these two genetically-blessed humans found love.

It was love at first sight

Before coming on the show, Tim said, "It is definitely a different process but I'm just going to throw myself out there and hopefully there is someone here who's willing to take a chance like I am and someone that I can spend the rest of my life with."
Anna, who had never had a boyfriend before she appeared on The Bachelor said, "This will be the first boyfriend and the last!"
"She looked dazzling, amazing and I really liked the little husky voice, it was sexy." Safe to say Tim was smitten from their first meeting.
The two giggled when Anna's bright red lipstick got on her teeth.
"This would have to be one of the most romantic things I've ever done." Tim took Anna on the very first single date.
Anna made it to the very end and she and Tim became Australia's first Bachelor couple. And it's lucky she did, because she almost backed out on day one!
The blonde beauty confessed, "My mum dropped me off — and I rang her and was like, 'Oh my god Mum, I can't do this, they're all models, I'm so out of my league.'"
Re-watch Tim profess his love for Anna in Thailand in the 2013 finale below. We're not crying, you're crying.
"From our first date I thought she could be the one."

Going public

Once they could reveal their relationship to the world, it was the start of many glorious Instagram posts celebrating their love. And we were (and still are) all for it.
Anna revealed that even though she went back to her career as a criminal lawyer, it took some time to adjust to a real relationship after the show.
"It took probably a good year or so. I was still wary of the fact that we were in the limelight and people wanted us to be together, so we had to separate that from our real relationship."
Anna announced their relationship on Instagram with a loved-up picture captioned, "I absolutely love this guy and will forever. Thank you so so Much for all your support."

He put a ring on it!

Tim popped the question on a dinghy during a romantic trip to Chamberlain Gorge in Western Australia.
Speaking to Stellar magazine, Tim says his heart was "thumping" as he tried to fly his drone and prepare himself to propose.
"And I say, 'You know what would be good right now? A bloody cold beer.' And then I say, 'What would make it better for you?' And she goes, 'I don't know, a cold washer?' So I say … 'What if I professed my love for you and said every moment in the last whatever years has been amazing?'
"I was already on my knees. I reached in my pocket, and I had a little box, and she just started bawling."

Seriously, these two are couple goals

Whether they're rocking the red carpet at the Logies...
...or sitting front row at Fashion Week...
...and even when they're working out together!