Bachelor in Paradise

Luke McLeod reportedly cheated on Lisa Hyde with 19 year old girl... And we're collectively screaming "WTF"

This is getting very sordid.

By Chloe Lal
Luke McLeod may be wanting to let the dust settle but unfortunately for him, BIP fans want to get to the bottom of him cheating on Lisa Hyde.
It's well documented that infidelity was the root of the demise of Bachelor In Paradise love birds Luke and Lisa, but we've all struggled to figure out what and who he did.
Well, now we know more about the dirty.
According to a former friend of the exes, they told the Daily Telegraph that the 33-year-old cheated on Lisa during a rowdy boys' night, "hooking up with a 19-year-old girl".
It's over!
"He was out with the lads and hooked up with a 19-year-old girl."
Adding, "He is in his mid '30s and he is still making stupid decisions like this."
Luke exclusively chatted to Now To Love about his indiscretions, confessing there are "always two sides to a story".
Unfortunately for everyone, he then said, "I don't want to go into detail."
"I have a lot of respect for Lisa. There has be some level of dealing with the relationship – just the two of us."
You can read Luke's entire chat here

Lisa was less private.
She exclusively told Now To Love, "Unfortunately the trust was lost, and I respect myself a little bit too much to let somebody walk all over me like that, so we separated."
Adding,"I think mistakes happen, people have to live with those consequences and Luke is responsible for his actions."
When we asked her what she preferred more - The Bachelor or Bachelor In Paradise, she remarked, "Look, on both shows I met a douche bag."
You can read Lisa's full (and rather scathing) interview here