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Does Married At First Sight’s Aleks have a secret boyfriend? Let’s look at the evidence

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Just days ago, Aleks and Ivan were the golden couple of Married At First Sight and we thought they really could go the distance.

The tables turned, however, when it was revealed that real estate agent Aleks apparently went on a covert date with a handsome Sydneysider during filming, leading to rumours about a secret boyfriend and more cheating.

But does she really have someone on the side? Let’s examine the evidence.

Is Aleks secretly dating someone behind Ivan’s back?

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Ahead of the dinner party, a clip of Michael chatting to Steve and Mishel was revealed where Michael recounted a story of Aleks telling him about a secret date she allegedly went on.

“When I was in the lobby yesterday she was coming back from a date with a bloke,” Michael told them.

“I said ‘Do you think that you like this guy?’ and she’s like ‘Yeah he’s super hot,’ and then she’s like ‘He’s totally my type.'”

Michael then says he asked Aleks if she was going to catch up with the mystery guy since he’s from Sydney to which Aleks supposedly replied ‘Yeah I hope so.’

Who is Aleks’ secret boyfriend?

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So who could this guy be?

Aleks slammed the secret date rumours at the end of the dinner party telling the table that she met a girl at a Serbian event that she attended with Mishel.

“She took me out to this Serbian restaurant and actually the owner sat with us. He’s about 50, 60-years-old so sorry if that’s disrespectful to the experiment but I just want you guys to know that wasn’t a romantic date with a man, I was with a woman and another guy who’s 50-years-old, same age as my dad,” she said.

But back in December, Aleks was spotted on a lunch break back in December with a guy that was definitely not her on-screen husband – in fact it was season six groom Dino Hira!

Aleks was forced to defend herself at the dinner party and denied that she went on a secret date.

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In the photos, Aleks and Dino are seen laughing and chatting whilst enjoying lunch together in Perth but both Aleks and Dino quickly shut down any romance gossip.

“Can confirm that this is just two people who are FRIENDS having lunch!” Aleks wrote on Instagram. “Just like Ivan has female friends. You can all chill now.”

Dino remarked that he and Aleks had both done modelling together and bonded over their shared reality TV experience.

“We caught up over the fact that besides being friends, we both had been on MAFS and was just giving her my experience of everything,” Dino told the Daily Mail.

He also told the publication that he advised Aleks to continue being herself and showed her a few breathing techniques “to manage any stress that may come up” from being in the spotlight.

WATCH BELOW: MAFS star Dino on First Dates. Post continues after video…

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Aleks and Ivan appear to be on the rocks already with Aleks confessing that she doesn’t feel that romantic, sexual spark.

“There is aspects of our relationship that we do lack and miss,” she confessed to Ivan during the groom home-stay week.

But the biggest clue that the once rock solid couple are over after a telling Instagram conversation between Aleks and Stacey was revealed with Aleks saying of their marriages, “We must have been losing our minds! Or maybe just falling for the f*ck boy lies and manipulation.”

RIP to another MAFS relationship.

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