Home And Away welcomes another River Boy with Joshua Orpin

What do we know about the newcomer?
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The River Boys have returned to Home And Away, with newcomer Joshua Orpin leading the charge as the latest bad boy Rory.

Summer Bay residents have met their fair share of River Boys over the years, but viewers will meet the newbie when Mali tracks his brother down to free him from the Allen siblings.

Meet Home and Away’s newcomer.
(Image: Seven)

Rory was first seen with Mali and Dingo (JK Kazzi) and he will no doubt continue to cause chaos in the not-so-quiet town of Summer Bay. In an exclusive chat with TV WEEK, Joshua revealed his character will go beyond what people expect from a typical River Boy.

“Being a River Boy comes with a preconceived notion about who he is based on the fact that he’s a member of a gang that has a legacy. A lot of the exploration of Rory’s character comes down to things such as love and loyalty and how far that loyalty extends,” he explained.

So, what do we know about Joshua Orpin? Well, he isn’t anything like Rory.

“Part of the magic of television is transforming me into a surfer who frequents the beach. But that’s not me at all; it’s not my typical kind of vibe. So, while not wanting to completely dispel the illusion, there’s some fake tan going on,” he told TV WEEK.

Joshua was born and raised in Melbourne Australia, but his career in entertainment meant he travelled across the globe for work.

He starred in Titans.
(Image: DC)

Joshua is best recognised for his role as Conner Kent otherwise known as Superboy in the second season of Titans, a DC Comics’ action-adventure television series. The show was filmed in Canada, where Joshua has previously revealed to 7News he felt “homesick quite a lot.” But Home and Away presented him the opportunity to return home.

“I feel like the US stuff is big and exciting, but I think that I just really had this strong desire to be a part of the Australian film and TV landscape,” he told the publication.

Aside from Titans, the 30-year-old has starred in The Neon Spectrum, and The Blake Mysteries.

And while Joshua is bound to steal hearts as the latest River Boy member, Summer Bay fans will be disappointed to discover someone has already stolen his heart.

Joshua with his girlfriend.
(Image: Instagram)

Based on an Instagram post, Joshua met his partner Sally in 2014 and celebrated ten years together in April 2024.

“This professional commitment quickly blossomed into a reluctant friendship, and eventually something much more than that… Permanent housemates,” he wrote on Instagram. “10 long years (and 19 contract renewals) later we have never been happier!”

“Gurl are u a 4.5 billion year old oblong spheroid orbiting the sun at 107,000 km per hour? Cause ur my world.”

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