Australian Survivor winner Mark Wales’ surprising acting role in Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

“A childhood dream come true.”
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Fans of reality show Australian Survivor were shocked to recognise a familiar face on the big screen when watching the brand new Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga film.

Mark Wales, who won the title of Sole Survivor in 2022, appeared in the role of Hefty Brakeman in the blockbuster Australian movie.

Mark in Furiosa alongside Anya Taylor-Joy. (Image: Warner Bros)

Mark, 44, spoke about the exciting news that he was in Furiosa alongside Chris Hemsworth and Anya Taylor-Joy in early May, uploading a selection of images from the film’s Sydney premiere.

“I sent in an audition for FURIOSA two and half years ago. I’m not a trained actor but I’ve loved film and TV my whole life so I gave it a go,” he shared.

“I never expected I would actually get a call back, but I was asked to do a zoom call with Director George Miller. For an hour he told stories about his time as an emergency doctor in the 1970s and how he had dreamt of a dystopian wasteland. He told me FURIOSAs’ epic backstory.

“George offered me a role (I squealed) to form part of his cast to help bring that vision to life. He’s been doing it for 40 years and he is simply the best and calmest leader on set.

“A childhood dream come true and I still don’t believe it. I think it’s a superb film (unbiased?) and I hope you love it.”

Mark at the Furiosa premiere with his wife Samantha Gash, who also competed on Australian Survivor. (Image: Instagram)

The 44-year-old father also spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about his role in Furiosa, saying he was “really proud” to be part of the film.

“I was really nervous about it, but I think I held my own. It was great to be in such an amazing Australian franchise and as difficult as it was to train and get ready for it, that film is now carved in time and I’m really proud of it. It’s something I’m really, really grateful for,” Mark shared.

Fans of the Survivor star took to social media to praise his performance in the movie, with one writing, “That is so awesome. It’s always great to see Australian vets get into big productions”.

Meanwhile, others wrote, “You never cease to surprise, Mark!” and “Well done mate! Watch out Mr Hemsworth!”.

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Although his latest venture is acting, Mark has dabbled in many different diverse areas within his career. 

Not only did he appear on Australian Survivor (twice) and win in 2022, but he is also a veteran soldier who was in the Australian army from 1996 to 2014.

More recently, Mark wrote and released an autobiographical book that was endorsed by Bear Grylls, called Survivor: Life In The SAS. The book chronicles his life both in the army and afterwards, and “is a story of resilience and a testament to the power of transformation”.

The reality TV star will also soon be releasing a fictional novel about a futuristic Australia that becomes occupied by foreign forces. Named Outrider, the novel will follow the main character, Jack Dunne on his mission to save his son and secure a future for both of them.

Survivor: Life In The SAS is available to purchase from Booktopia, and Outrider can be pre-ordered from Big W.

Mark Wales on Australian Survivor. (Images: Channel 10)

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