Charlotte Crosby is House Boss in the Australian spin-off of Geordie Shore

Bring on Aussie Shore!
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The chaos and absolute mess that is Geordie Shore is getting an Australian spin-off series titled, Aussie Shore with former star Charlotte Crosby entering the house as the Boss.

Paramount+ revealed in late April 2024 that the nation would be receiving its first iteration of the international series, which also sparked the creation for Jersey Shore.

Charlotte is the Aussie Shore host.
(Image: Paramount+)

It was no secret Geordie Shore was an iconic reality television series, attracting a variety of audiences across the globe it was named the most popular show in MTV UK’s history.

From smashing glass tables, steamy hot tub scenes and gross food fights – audiences couldn’t tear their eyes away and often attempted to mimic their Geordie accents.

Aussie Shore will see ten new Australian singles who “embody” the Shore spirit, enter a home located in Cairns, North Queensland to create “one big dysfunction family.”

“The new generation are wild, they have grown up on reality TV. They are pushing boundaries you didn’t even know these boundaries existed – I’m scared for Australia!” Charlotte revealed in an interview on Kyle and Jackie O’s radio show.

Geordie Shore is MTV’s most popular program in the UK.
(Image: Getty)

“This is hectic… The last week of my life, I’ve never experienced craziness like it. We’re filming Aussie Shore.”

House Boss Charlotte Crosby will help these singletons navigate living, working and partying together.

“The House Boss is like the lifeguard of beachside chaos, the referee of the sandy battleground. Her job? To ensure that the house stays standing, the fun times keep rolling, and the drama reaches its maximum potential. Think of her as the fairy godmother of the house,” a statement read.

Charlotte is no stranger to chaotic reality television after being arguably being the biggest star to emerge from Geordie Shore. She is one of the original cast members from its 2011 launch up until 2016, and a short return in 2022. She also starred on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Australia and Charlotte in Sunderland.

Unfortunately for fans, the new housemates and the air date for Aussie Shore is yet to be revealed. The reality series will however be available on Paramount+.

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