Exes Heidi Klum & Seal had a tense reunion at their son’s graduation

Things were frosty as they came face-to-face.
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Seal once confessed it could be “challenging” co-parenting alongside ex-wife Heidi Klum. And according to the supermodel, “it could be easier” between the pair.

So things were strained as the former spouses were forced to face one another in public a decade after their divorce, at their 18-year-old son Henry’s high school graduation.

Things were frosty between the exes. (Images: Supplied)


Making things even more awkward, their respective new partners – Seal’s assistant-turned-girlfriend Laura Strayer and Heidi’s husband musician Tom Kaulitz, 34, were also in attendance.

Heidi, 51, certainly appeared uncomfortable as she stood with her back to Seal, 61, as he posed for a celebratory snap with his son.

The former couple – who separated in 2012 after seven years of marriage and finalised their divorce in 2014 – also share daughter Leni, 20, son Johan, 17, and daughter Lou, 14.

“You could cut the tension with a knife, but thankfully there were enough people there to fill the gaps and keep them apart – and cordial when they couldn’t,” an insider shares.

“When I got married, that whole thing became a circus,” Seal says. (Image: Supplied)

“Both Heidi and Seal are still professionals and know any kind of upset at their kid’s graduation will not go down well for anyone, so they kept things polite and ‘surface’ friendly but they still refused
to be pictured together.”

According to the onlooker, the quick death-stares the pair exchanged and the way they would say “your mother” or “your father” was almost scary.

“There is no love lost between those two,” confirms the insider. “He will never forgive her for leaving him and Heidi won’t forgive him for his comments about her ‘fornicating’ with her bodyguard shortly after the split.” It’s a claim Heidi strongly denied.

According to the inside source, everything has been super combative between the former couple since then.

“So it was incredible to see them set aside their differences – as best as they could anyway – for their son.”

“Congratulations Henry, we are all soooo proud of you,” Heidi gushed on Instagram. (Image: Supplied)

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