George Clooney is so worried about his wife Amal, he put in a call to the White House

George fights to protect Amal!
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George Clooney readily admits that his human rights lawyer wife, Amal, does the “heavy lifting” when it comes to their Clooney Foundation for Justice. But it’s the movie star who had to step in recently to protect Amal as she carries out her important work – even calling the US president directly!

Amal, 46, was part of a UK-based team of legal experts who helped the International Criminal Court request warrants for Israeli and Hamas leaders over their suspected war crimes – a move which President Biden labelled “outrageous”.

Soon after, a worried George called Steve Ricchetti, a counsellor to Biden, with his concerns.

George Clooney, wearing gray suit with black shirt walks with Amal, wearing a vibrant yellow dress
George is concerned with Amal’s latest project. (Image: BackGrid)


“George is fiercely protective of Amal, which is why he made the phone call to the White House,” an insider tells Woman’s Day. “All he’s worried about is Amal. And right now her life is indeed under threat. He’s worried about the backlash against her work.”

While George, 63, remains extremely proud of Amal’s relentless hard work and dedication to the cause, he’s also deeply concerned about her – and their seven-year-old twins, Ella and Alexander – potentially being placed in harm’s way.

And having the US president openly criticising her efforts over the Israeli-Gaza war left the actor with no choice but to jump on the defensive.

“Everyone knows where his political loyalties lie, but it’s important for him to protect his family,” the insider says.

George Clooney and wife Amal holding their twins hands outside on a stair case
George says the twins are “different little humans”. (Image: Supplied)

In the past, Amal has spoken passionately about her life-long fight for human rights, spurred largely by her gratitude that her own family were able to flee their wartorn homeland of Lebanon many years ago.

“If I had not had a hand extended to me by the UK government… I wouldn’t have been able to grow up in a safe environment, get the education I have, or do any of the things that I’ve done,” she admits.


And while the human rights lawyer has done all she can to pay it forward by helping others desperately in need, being in the global political spotlight has put immense pressure on her – and left George extremely concerned for her day-to-day safety.

“There are fears for Amal’s safety in the US with all that’s going on and the last thing he wants is for her to feel under threat in his home country,” the source adds.

Such concerns could be why the Clooneys have been spending more and more time at their sprawling French property, Domaine du Canadel, which is a private place in quiet Provence.

At the end of the day, Amal can always count on George to have her back, wherever in the world they happen to be. 

“There’s nothing George won’t do to protect his wife and children, and if that means calling the president, then he’s willing to do it,” the source says.

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